Saturday, June 25, 2011

(so much for my blogging aversion, ha ha)

i won a little russian vintage camera from lina's blog a little while ago! i've been following her blog for a while.
excited to get the film developed.

nyc has free shows thru out the summer all over! by the water or in a park.
yesterday we went and saw blood orange & the ghost of a saber tooth tiger [sean lennon's project]
just interesting that, maybe there is too much going on.  nate said even a son of a beatle can't draw a crowd for a free show in new york city.
[as i write this, nate is on ... that's my boy, says some smart things but laughs at some dumb things]

found out about another great restaurant in brooklyn, called lighthouse. 
while i waited for nate, it stormed outside. it was warm and raining viciously. it was beautiful. i sipped on my cocktail and waited for nate. not having a car has changed the way we go out to dinner. it's usually after work, and we pick where  to meet. no telling who will get there first.
kinda fun.

then we had roasted cauliflower, indian spiced rice, roasted potatoes & brussels sprouts. everything was right up our alleys.

we love having our california friends living in brooklyn.
we had a nice dinner over there thursday night. can't wait to get bikes, so we can just ride over there in about 7 minutes.


bedstuy kids

going to try and be a little braver with my camera in our 'hood.

Monday, June 20, 2011

summer lovin'

current obsessions [not new necessarily, but current]
-coconut water
-avocado brown rice sushi
-ice cold kombucha
-mass brothers chocolate

current aversions
-sprouted mung beans
-square photographs

so. i put a teeny tiny drop of pink hair dye into my conditioner, and ta-da... berry pink hair. oops...did i do that?
it's grown on me.
today, i pulled it back into a very professional bun for work, and a woman i work with couldn't help but look at it and finally said ' you do such ...interesting things with your hair' and i said 'thank you?'

we finally went to a restaurant called diner in brooklyn. it was so cute, looks like a little train trolley diner inside [why i didn't take any pictures inside? beats me]. the food was delicious. hardly any veg. options, but i got what i wanted and loved every bite.

been working on music.
bought some few bowls [finally]
want boots [still]
lovin' the heat.

ok. that's all for today.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

i love new york

perks of living in nyc!

i got to work the opening ceremony sample sale last weekend.  i chose to get paid with clothes, and i'm so happy :) i scored a few really amazing things! [not to brag or anything (but...), combined, all the things i got retailed originally over $2000 -- not bad for a day's work hehe]

1. Cacharel Jacket
2. Peter Jensen Shorts
3. Opening Ceremony button up lace shirt

also, not pictured I got a skirt and little cotton shorts. all in all, it was worth it! i wont lie, it was exhausting, but again, well worth it.

another cool thing about nyc is there are soo many cool artist here. most everyone i meet wants to do something with their life that is just a little outside the box, which i love.
the other night, my friend brady was meeting with friend who makes jewelry, & i tagged along! so glad i did, b/c it was jewelry that i had just seen at maryam nassir zadeh showroom the other day & loved. the line is called Samma, the artist is Hanna Sandin.

and you know, if adorable baby approves, it just has to be cool! (specifically this baby) :)

have a great saturday.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sometimes i get these aversions to different foods, (kind of like pregnant women do. except i'm not pregnant) 
for example. i used to love this hummus from trader joe's, then one day, for no reason at all,  i couldn't even think of it w/o feeling sick
recently, it's mustard and sriracha(<-- i know crazy!) just for some odd reason.
the feeling goes away sometimes.

having said that
i'm starting to feel an aversion to blogging :/ 
just the text part of it. so,  i thought i'd put that out there.. hope it goes away soon...

it's funny, how something you look forward to for a long time, passes so quickly!
we always talk about how the anticipation of something is half the fun, it really is, for me.

we got to go to california for a week.
spent time with family.
nate played golf with his dad.
i went to the spa with my mother in law.
i ate a huge bowl of berries & small side of granola w/ soy milk  for breakfast each morning.
held our new little niece ella.
nate chased judah our nephew around.
we ate at roti
we ate at asqew grill
we had good coffee & bad coffee)
nate bought a pair of shoes
nate returned a pair of shoes

when we arrived at nate's parent's house, they had framed pictures of their grand kids :)

you can view a few more pictures here 

peace out homies.