Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the weather man's a liar, said it'd be-rain-ing

by miraculous ways of the universe, the deyrolle dress i really wanted is mine.
i really can't explain it any more than that. i wanted it & then certain (kinda bizarre) circumstances made it possible for me to get it... b/c you know, as much as i loved it, wasn't going to run & spend $$$ on a just-for-fun dress. 
anyway, i enjoyed the sunny & slightly breezy day in my dress. there was a thunderstorm towards the evening, and i got caught in it, waiting for a bus--couldn't complain tho, after such a nice day. & i had a bag full of grocery goodies, a brand new pack of muji socks & a new long shirt from h&m.
i'm at the tail-end of my extended weekend (therefore staying up as long as i can every night) thinking about how much i really do love my weekends, especially so in new york. i can pretend we're on vacation, go discover a new area & slowly put the pieces of the map together.
we went to a restaurant called Lodge, in williamsburg. nate got biscuits and gravy with veggie sausage.
& i just had a beer. (yeahhh right)
even tho the place wasn't raw, vegan or vegetarian -- they did have a vegan blt (add avo) on the menu, just for me. 
(sarry! -gilly)

the day before was actually pretty gloomsville-- warm, but gloomy. still we were out there, walkin', eatin', drinkin' & just messin' around.
bye everyone. 
have a great tuesday, you're almost to friday. 
since i have it off today, i'll enjoy it for ya to the fullest!

ps. we finished a new song the other day. download it if you like it.
[click on pic. finally figured out how to do that. ha]

Saturday, April 23, 2011

lol cats

one gloomy day, when nate had to work & i didn't, i set out into the city on my own. i found myself at h&m at 10am & it happened to be my lucky day! sweedish hasbeens released their collection for h&m that day, and i happened to be there.
i picked a red pair of sandals out & also a white pair. i decided to to keep the red but i'm selling the white.
[if they don't sell, then i get to keep them :)]
then i found a new juice place called organic avenue where i got a (delicious) juice & was once again inspired to do some sort of cleanse.  & enjoyed the views off the j train, on my way home.

our buddy ol' pal brando was in town for one day & it was brilliant to see him. he was here to play a show, so we watched him play bass with rooney & then we hung out all night.

so i was looking at some pictures from the winter... it's kind of amazing how winter comes and then goes...
i did love the first blizzard, but i'm definitely happy to see the 'goes' part.

the other night i made raw coconut banana chocolate ice cream. might sound weird, but it basically tastes like a "frosty from wendy's" as nate put it. super easy to make.
1 banana
a lil vanilla
2 TBSP cocoa powder
1 C coconut milk
optional 1 TBSP maca powder
then i put it into my little magic bullet blender. i purchased an ice cream maker a few months back, and i'm obsessed with it. i've made ice cream more than two dozen times already, it was definitely worth the $. [i bought the cheapest one out there, and got the color that was on sale, which happened to be a very cute lime green.

ok. lastly, since i like to jam-pack my blog updates with a little bit of everything, i'll mention my kitties.
i was taking pics of them, and had this idea to make "lol cats" ...actually i thought i was being very original & funny, when nate said 'i can't believe you're trying to do your own lol cats!"
anyway-- i wasn't going to post them, b/c i couldn't come up with anything funny to put in their bubbles... if you have funnier ideas, i'd love to hear 'em.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the best part about bed stuy, is saraghina. it is one of my favorite restaurants in brooklyn.
worth a trip into good ol' bed stuy for it!
if we move to another part of bk, we'll definitely
visit to get our saraghina on!
our friends road their bikes to our house [it was warm enough!] & then we ate at saraghina.
so delish.

& it's really nice and cozy in the evening.
i took my brother in law & nephew here once, and my bro in law said it looked like his grandma's cottage... i'm still not sure if he meant it as a compliment, but that's how i took it, anyway.

i just finished reading 'never let me go'   -- cried about it, and was in a funk part of yesterday, saying things to myself like 'what is life?' & 'everything is pointless' or nate's favorite 'what is people?'
would i recommend this book to anyone? yes.  yes i would. it's a very beautiful sad...
i waited for nate in the ace hotel lobby, a beautiful lobby it is. stumptown right next door... just a lovely place to sit, read & drink.
at the o.c entrance in the ace hotel, they have different art displays, monthly i believe. this one is my favorite one so far.

then i walked around outside and looked at all the flowers & greenery everywhere. spring is coming, and i'm happy i'm here.
anyway, feeling much better this morning, had my coffee, my head is buzzing with ideas.
i better get dressed & wash those dishes :)
bought a loaf of amy's bread - raisin & fennel -- very unique flavor, the fennel tastes a little like licorice.
nate said the fennel catches him off guard, but he obviously likes it, since he ate three pieces of toast.

this is my outfit inspiration for today.
rachel comey fall '11

Sunday, April 17, 2011

to go to work or not to go

that is the question.

i have the option of going into work today...and i can't decide whether i should or not.
i'm leaning towards a yes, since nate has to work too -- we'll see! i'm sure you're on the edge of your seat.

last week i bought chia seeds (which i accidentally call chia pets, all the time)
i've heard they're a superfood, and keep seeing them mentioned on health & vegan food blog.
after seeing their health benefits, i decided to get some.
i feel like i'm an adventurous eater, but there are a few things i still can't stomach (aside from meat), like mushrooms or (goopy) oatmeal :/ it's a texture thing...
anyway, i made a simple chia pudding recipe.

1/4cup Chia pets/err seeds
1 cup of cashew milk [made some this morning, using my new milk bag] or any non dairy milk
blueberries & a drizzle or agave [u can use w/e sweetener you like.]
mix chia + milk, wait about 15-20min and add the rest. 
= a very mild & delicious breakfast.

so a thing i do here, but have never done before, is karaoke! 
it's the best. you rent a room with your friends and then your friends are forced to listen to you sing! 
well, everyone pretty much sings on every song, which is the fun part, gives you lots of confidence when you're the one with the mic.
i don't know how kiki and i ended up singing a papa roach song, [wasn't my choice, but i obviously can't turn down a duet!] ....two perfectly nice girls singing a very strange song. 
that's the beauty of it.
ok. so i've decided i am going to work (it's almost 1pm now...)
you know, this would be my ideal (real work) schedule. 
leave for work 1pm, come home around 6pm... 

i went to an art gallery in chelsea the other day, and am now obsessed with that area.... like i want to move there obsessed. but we'll see... 

ok. more on that later. 
oh, and here is my spring style inspiration. 
...what do you call that blonde hair color anyway?

[bodkin tanky available at 10/6]

 i'll leave you with king cat of the alley

Saturday, April 16, 2011

yes! it's saturday!

i love this moment. it was a self timer, and it's why we're laughing that brings back a nice memory.
we got this vegan raw cheesecake (which is still my favorite dessert, i've ever had),  then we went and got some coffee, hoping to eat the dessert at the coffee shop, but it was packed with no room to sit.
we kept walking around until we found this bench in front of a vintage furniture store. we went inside first & looked around, it was a full of beautiful mid century furniture, i would have purchased everything if i had the funds and needed furniture.
anyway, we sat down on the bench and i said wouldn't it be funny if we started telling people as they go in that they have free cheesecake inside and all they had to do was ask the sales clerk. and for some reason we couldn't stop laughing, imaging people saying to the clerk 'so, i'll take a slice of the cheesecake now."

it's almost 1pm now. rozzy & i are sitting in front of a small heater & nate is singing on a new song....which might be done tonight.
it's gloomy outside which makes me want to read my book.
we're going to go out & face the day. before i go now, i'll share this (stupid) photo, which nate showed me this morning....he's always looking at weird/viral things on the internetz & this one really got me.
have a greaaat saturday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

montauk part II

ok, i forget how much i love my film camera. sure, it's not very cost effective (film+developing+scanning) but i am always so much happier with the results, than with my digital results... even if it's pictures of vegetables.

i guess just those three are from montauk. they're a little over exposed, but i like that sometimes.

lately i've been into juicing fruits & veggies.
ok, i wanted post these pictures, before they start looking like old news to me. this last one is my favorite. when i go looking for the boys around the house, i usually look for a little bump under a blanket somewhere, or tiny paws sticking out from underneath something.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

one lazy saturday

i mentioned at work i made my own granola bars, and someone said "lisa is saving money" & i responded "i am saving no money doing it."
interesting, b/c i would have never thought someone would think i was trying to save money to make my own granola bar. i make it myself, b/c i like to know what goes into it.
i'm not sure why i call it "granola", it's more like flaxseed & nut thing..
i eyeballed it, so here's the best i can do, as far as a recipe goes :

1 cup of flaxseed
1/2 cup mixed nuts/dried cranberries
1/4 cup yacon syrup &/or agave
1 mashed banana

then dehydrate @ 115degrees overnight-- or put into the oven at the lowest possible temp for an hour or so, i imagine it would taste toastier like that anyway!

i noticed, eating healthy (using this term loosely- since everyone's idea of "healthy" varies) you acquire certain items for your pantry which repeat in many healthy recipes. for example, i went to make this recipe from sassy kitchen's recipe for kale & roasted chickpea - and found i had almost all of the ingredients, but when i showed this recipe to a friend, he said he'd have to go buy practically every ingredient.  ...so, that was interesting... 
but check this recipe out, it's DELICIOUS. i was going to make it last night, again for guests, but the night didn't quite pan out as planned. 
(stole this pic from sassy kitchen)

today is a lazy saturday for us. lots of napping and snacking is going around here. 
i have been 'going easy' on coffee lately, replacing it with green juice -- but today, i decided to have some. my head was flooded with ideas and inspiration instantly, and i remembered why i love coffee so much. just the scent itself is so good. 

here are a few things i've been loving recently : 
(so random!- ja'mie)

1. Deyrole via Opening Ceremony
2. Opening Ceremony
5. Rachel Comey "Hitch" via TENOVERSIX
6. Robert Clergerie via Creatures of Comfort
7. Hansel from Basel ZigZag Bag via Creatures of Comfort
8. Striped Leggings by Margiela via Creatures of Comfort 
7x. Anonymous Cream Bear Qoo Qoo Fashion
9. Cool cutting board by Fine Little Day
10. Wooden Piggy A&G Merch
11. Fox Pillow by Donna Wilson via The Future Perfect
12. Wood Lamp by TAF Architects via The Future Perfect
13. Pack Rackk by Steph Mantis via The Future Perfect  (was thinking of using this for my necklaces)
14. Russian Tiara Braid by Yelena Zhelezov
15. Fox boy has Girlfriend by Gretel Girl Draws

this took kind of a long time to do...and then i realized i made a mistake in my numbering..FAIL

 my boys are as sweet and funny as always. 

that's all folks!
time to make some food... i'll be using this as inspiration for lunch via green kitchen stories  :