Monday, December 27, 2010


wow, it's been exciting around here recently.
a holiday party,
a skype xmas
& a snow blizzard!

our friends had a small get together at their apt.
super cute place, and super yummy food & super cute cat!
nate's new bff!

i brought this spinach dip i made, which you need to bake.yum!

onion+garlic+crumbled tempeh (or bacon if you eat meat) -saute'
add spinach until wilted
separate bowl 
1/2 C lite cream cheese+1/2C greek yogurt (or sour cream)+1/2C(or more!) favorite cheese

combine & bake for 20min. 

so good.. 
i even took a tiny bit of the left over dip & reheated in the oven the next day.

here's me wearing one of my gifts from nate :)
& rozzy, looking so innocent. what? i'm just sunbathing... so what if i'm on the counter.
fyi this counter gets wiped down like 100x a day.

this year we weren't able to fly home for xmas, so we joined our families using skype.
it wasn't like actually being there, but the next best thing.
our families really spoiled us, and sent us very thoughtful & sweet gifts carefully wrapped.

 you can't really tell, but coop is wearing a huge gold ribbon around his body. it was really cute & funny.

during our xmas skype session, it snowed. it continued to snow all thru the night. in the morning we woke up to a white blanket covering our entire neighborhood. we were actually pretty excited, since we had the proper gear to hike thru the snow. the streets weren't cleared, the sidewalks weren't cleared. i can't believe it just took one night to it snow up to our knees! it's kind of amazing out, actually.
my train wasn't working, so i had to come home... i guess i really needed that time to update my blog (lol)

oh yeah, that bus, was actually stuck, and no one was on it... pretty crazy! there were police cars & taxi's stuck all around too!!

i'm actually pretty disappointed in the city. why weren't the plow trucks out all night so that everyone could go to work in the morning. there was notice of a blizzard coming... i don't know. i remember when i lived in washington, the plow truck would go by even on our street, which wasn't a main street.
idk. very surprising/disappointing.
i mean, there was snow down in the subway too! and the stairs weren't cleared...
anyway. i'm not too upset, since i am actually enjoying this snow... no telling how long i will love it for tho...

ok. well...  better clean up, since i'm home.
ps. here is my hair inspiration ... i wonder how long it will take me to grow it this long... 4 years??

Friday, December 24, 2010

merry xmas

it's xmas eve morning.
nate & i are hyped up on coffee right now, about to go get some ingredients to make
some dishes for the xmas party we'll be attending tonight.
it's nice to have friends here in the cold.

just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas. (& will be back to wish you a happy new year, hopefully_)

my nephew came to visit for like 1 day & a 1/2.
he's the best, and we were both crushed when he had to leave. i couldn't help but get emotional
when he was getting into the taxi with his dad & was blowing me kisses as they closed the door :/
so cute & very sad.

well, ok. bye guys.
p.s. now that i love taking pics of my little boys with the bathtub... you'll be seeing these a lot.

Monday, December 20, 2010

keep the change you filthy animal!

i am sick today.
well, i woke up with a soar throat & tried to get ready but kept having to lay down, b/c i would start feeling really sick. i'm not one that likes to be (who is?ha) but, i was not opposed to laying around
all day instead of going to work.
nate didn't have to go in til the afternoon, so we slept in, and then went to get a bagel, which i wasn't too sick for.
oh, and yes, bagels.... where have you been all my life? i've never tasted ones like here, they're so much lighter than i remember other bagels being. this is what i look forward to these days.
coffee + bagel.  that's nate's egg sandwich on an everything bagel .
& since you're dying to know, i got dill&cucumber whipped cream cheese w/ avocado on a whole wheat bagel.
you will hear about bagels all the time from now on. so, get used to it.
that's me, not feeling well. i'm not good at being sick, i'm pretty sure you're suppose to just stay in bed all day (which is what i did with the rest of the day)
luckily, we found that cute bagel & coffee joint in our hood.

so lets see, what's been a happenin..
holiday party
friend's house
flea market
old chair to reupholster & new blanket

what you see on my shoulder was suppose to be a gag gift, i take it, but i was thrilled. toy rat-my little boys will love it! 
& that's sean fake yelling at it for the photo.

now, pick a christmast tree, lol

& my little boys :) they're so weird, their new obsession, the bathroom.... 
coop the hunter

& this isn't the best picture in the world, but rozzy is so cute, he looks like a tiny little bear sitting in the bathtub.
the end.

oh, my new favorite song is, neil young's 'heart of gold'
here is the song, along with a few clips of us thrown together over it...
take care friends!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

another sandwich?

what can i say? i'm a vegetarian that's obsessed with sandwiches.
even tho i miss my LA larchmont sandwiches -- i miss them as of yesterday, when cours mentioned
it's funny, how a sandwich can taste so different! when i say "i love sandwiches" & someone else says they love sandwiches, it could be for completely different reasons/flavors...*mind explodes*

new sandwich shop, nice & cheap 3.99 for a veg. (huge) sandwich :) now we're talkin'!
City Sub in Park Slope, i give it two very enthusiastic thumbs up!
nice soft bread & thinly shredded lettuce. mmmm.
since i find myself in ditmas park often, i have been frequenting the farm on adderly
if you find yourself in ditmas park...this really is one of the only nice places in that neck of the woods!
lentil & kale soup. double mmmmmmmmm

i did most of my xmas shopping this weekend.
almost done! since we're spending xmas in NY this year, i've been purchasing a lot of things online...
*deep thoughts about the olden days when there wasn't internet*

got my nails did.
tryin' to get into the the holiday spirit!

my boys.
finding the sunniest & warmest spots in our house.
they're just the sweetest little guys.
& yeah, not sure what's up with all the **

k. bye.
oh &
we were asked to start a purevolume page for doom&gloom & to do an xmas video to put up there... that's what we did today,
so here  it is.

Friday, November 26, 2010

where do kittens hide in a snow storm?

thxgiving morning i tried to recreate the banana pancakes i made the other day.
i always burn my pancakes, but that's the way i like 'em. (& coincidentally can't make any other way)
eating them, drinking coffee & cuddling with our boys, was a nice way to spend the morning.
as a topping for our p'cakes, i combined almond butter & maple syrup by heating them together = yumz.
this year, nate & i spent the holiday on our own.
i think it's our first time. we walked around our neighborhood & then went to catch the tail end of the macy's parade. someone at work suggested we go to that & it hit me that we actually could.
we had fun, and for a second it started to snow, which falsely got my hopes up, b/c then it started raining.
i got this intensely cozy coat. i was looking for exactly that, a coat that will keep me warm, from head to toe. CHECK. next, some boots.
i finally wore my vintage lanvin dress! that's right, i found a vintage lanvin dress at a thrift store. sure the print is so bright, but it fit me perfectly. i topped it off with my favorite knit sweater from topshop--the sweater is so delicate and soft, i've already nicked it 10000x.

we walked the forty blocks to the middle
of the place we heard that everything would be
and there were barricades to keep us off the streets 
but the crowd kept pushing forward
'til they swallowed the police

(old soul song, one of my favorite bright eyes songs. i used to really love him,  but now i think he's lost his musical edge...whatever that means)
it was a lovely morning/afteroon.
but then followed by a sort of melancholy evening. i am catching a cold, so i was feeling tired, & took like 3 naps. made mashed potatoes & sides for dinner.  
then continued with my naps while nate worked on a special song...
which will be done, maybe tonight :) 

today i am feeling refreshed & very well rested! nate went off to work while i am off work today, therefore it's my turn to work on the special song.
but work isn't all that bad either. i enjoy my ride to work, the scenery is beautiful, and once it snows, i will probably cry on my way to work, lol... like b/c it's so beautiful?

ok.happy black friday (why is it called that?!) 
& i'm really surprised no one commented on my last post of that insane picture from mapquest/street view!  maybe it's too small, but if you click on it, it enlarges... maybe everyone was in awwe, like me.
or maybe no one cares. lolz

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

you're like, woahhh

that's right. that's naan. & i made it. & it's "hella" easy! & oh so good. heaven, right out of the oven.
i was inspired by my mom, who only likes naan, of all indian food... i guess one can't argue too much with that! i searched the interwebz for a naan recipe with the fewest ingredients & the most positive reviews. & found one! flour, baking powder, salt & yogurt. click here for more detes.
i've made naan twice now.
i also tried to copy bollywood's incredible cheese naan....& succeeded.

since i don't work around really cool/inspiring people/clothes/art... i'm starving for that.
i feel like i need a new wardrobe. (& i do!)
i need to take more photographs. i need a new camera.
i want to write a song...& track my own drums.
this list could go on a long time. so i'll stop.

i realize i have strange/unique taste.
i think olive is one of my favorite colors. yeah, ya know, that ugly green mixed with yellow.
my favorite clothing is usually shapeless.
so, i'll show you some of my favorite things out there. i've liked all of them for a while now. i should start acquiring some of these things, if i love them so much... right?
cardigan from o.c

Rowena Sartin Double Pocket Square Shirt & Abstract Expressionist leggings.
visit her store IKO IKO if you're ever in LA & follow her blog

i've been obsessed with these shoes since i saw sketches of them :/ tenoversix knows what they're doing.
& this necklace...remember i posted it a long time ago? anndra neen. i've actually run into the designers 2x since being here. (this picture is lifeless... i wouldn't even consider it, if i only saw this picture of it... eh, what are you gonna do about it)

obviously i have more things i like, but i just got sleepy. 

i made banana pancakes & jamie&moses came over. 
then we went & had sandwiches&beer together. 
& then, 
i realized how amazing prospect park was & how close it was to where we live! 

this was a bar in williamsburg with coworkers...err, friends...

this is cooper, watching the seasons change.
 ok this is all.
but could someone please tell me if this map camera is real?!