Wednesday, February 23, 2011

as i was going into a bodega(a corner's a new york thing) to buy nate a peanut
butter snickers, as a gift for valentines day(i know, a million days ago). guess time flies when you're having fun (or working all the time, or both!) someone hollered "hey blondie you lookin' like marlyn monroe! ....& i like your boots!"
it made me laugh, because, it was actually my first day wearing my new boots & also, i wasn't sure if she was complimenting me or threatening me (intonation of her voice)
oh life.

nate said he was going to buy me flowers,
but instead bought me a leather jacket....he's a strange one.

i tried this jacket on when it first came out, and took it off immediately (b/c I loved it.) & hung it back up.
i would have never guessed i would own this super awesome jacket.
it's too cold to wear it alone, but i still wear it underneath my coat, and then wear it indoors all day. obviously excited for spring.
we had a couple spring days last week, i think it was in the 40s-50s & everyone in our neighborhood decided to spend the day outside. (thus, the comment)

on sunday nate suggested we take the ferry to staten island  (linked for those of you who are like i was, and have no idea where that's located exactly), so we did. it was an aimless adventure, mostly to ride the ferry & also b/c it's free! once we got to the island, we didn't really know what one does in staten island, so after looking at a map, we decided to hit up 'silver lake park' ! (lol, missing LA much?) 

nate attempted to walk on the ice, after a couple steps it started crackling so he didn't continue. every time i watch this little clip i lol. i don't know why, maybe b/c you can witness the exact moment he notices the ice crackling. 
ps. sorry about the wind sound
alright buddy ol pals. i am drifting off here & better go to bed, before i fall asleep on the sofa, and then forgetaboutit!

& of course here are my strange boys, doing what they do best.

Friday, February 11, 2011

 good morning
funny to think it 4am in LA right now....

it's friday, the best day of the week, i just love fridays, saturdays & sundays...mondays, not so much.
(lol, duh, anyone w/ a mon-fri job)

why am i updating my blog at 7am? i don't know.  i should be getting ready...

i was just thinking how quickly a week goes by. we had family visiting last weekend & i really can't believe it's already the next weekend. i didn't realize i had any pictures to share, so i was putting off updating.
it was a rainy weekend but we still went out & had a lot of fun. [fyi eight blocks in the rain can feel a lot longer.]

we were spoiled all weekend, treated to all kinds of special things. we went to see true grit, btw, i really liked it. i remember seeing the trailer for it & i remember thinking it looked too scary for me to watch, but it wasn't so....i liked it. maybe the ending was a little abrupt, but i liked it overall.
we laughed a lot & talked, it was really nice having familiar sweet people with us here... i can't believe we've been living here almost 6 months already.
i've been wearing my hair in a top bun pretty much everyday the last week. i saw my friend olga wearing her hair like that, and i realized i'd never made my bun like that before, so i tried it. & loved it. i know top buns are so last year, but i don't care.
someone at work kindly said i look like his old polish math teacher from grade school. i thanked him for the lovely words, & told him he sure knows how to give a girl a compliment.

ok, i really better go & get ready now. i'm finishing up my delish cup of strong black coffee [compliments of hunny combs, thx brah!]

here is rozzy sitting in a sun spot. love the pellegrino bottle on our coffee table, lolz, not.

have the best friday of your life!