Thursday, December 27, 2012


I feel that if I don't just post the photos I have been collecting, from the last few weeks, I will never update my blog! So here goes.
Our friends came to visit us in Fresno (some of them are coming for NYE too!)

We also ended up going on a last minute trip to Spokane, where I grew up, for the weekend to attend a funeral :/
Aside from being sad, I was thrilled to see family & some old friends.

I know we went for a funeral and all, but Spokane always makes me feel melancholy, even when I'm not there for a funeral. Beautiful, but very melancholy.

It snowed while we were there, as I hoped it would! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

nate found this cape for me, while thrift shopping in sacramento (sorry sac-friends, ya missed this one ;) ) it didn't quite make it to our shop... didn't make it past me. maybe sometime i'll get tired of it. for now i'll wear it as much as i can.

[ps. new navy embroidered pants, nate's mom got for my bday... i guess good taste runs in the family]

in other news. it's finally starting to look like fall around here. just in time for winter. ha.
it's our first year in fresno, so i'm still getting used to things. like FOG. i guess it's pretty foggy here during this time of year. we actually really love it, feels like seattle or something.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


well hi there guys! it's already december, which is just crazy-- it's been a whole year since we left NYC! really doesn't feel like it. where did the time go?!

a couple weeks ago, we went to hawaii! (jeez, i've been slacking here) we met up with my brother & his wife (& their son sammy!) for their wedding ceremony.  nate & i  snapped a few photos on the island, of course, & a few of the happy couple.

please note: i ain't no wedding photographer. lolz.

i LOVE tropical plants more than ever now.  have you ever seen a ginger plant? i'll be planting one in our backyard soon!

i had the best pineapple of my life there. i'm serious. (trying to see if i can put some on my wishlist, ha ha)

oh & we really want to get scooters now!

ok. bye guys. thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 26, 2012

aglassjar etsy Cyber Monday SALE!

so we're having our first SALE over at the ol' etsy shop...
and it's a BIG one!

yes, you're reading that correct, half off everything in the store.  one day only. 

just enter the promo code: tofurkey

Monday, November 12, 2012

we're loving all of our nieces & nephews, keep 'em comin' ;)
nate's sister & brother in law came to visit us in fresno for the weekend. we hung around the house, playing BS, talking & chasing the kids, most of the time. we went to a playground, where the ground was made of shredded recycled tennis shoes. so green, right?! i played a mysterious soccer kickball game with judah :)
have you ever seen a happier baby on a swing before? i haven't! sweet cheeks izzy loving every second of it :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

crisp morning walk

it's finally starting to look more like fall here. we went on a morning walk today, brought our coffee & talked about how we would do this everyday if we had a dog. but quickly decided against it. i also brought a carrot in case our neighbor's horse would be hanging out in the backyard. but she wasn't, so i threw the carrot over the fence anyway. if i was a horse & i found a carrot in my backyard one day... i'd be pretty happy horse.

Friday, November 9, 2012

more politics

just kidding! no politics.

i normally post photos that either nate or i take, but these photos i just saw, of  grandma misa and her best friend cat fukumaru *tears* were so beautiful, i just had to share! you can see more here

Monday, November 5, 2012

why i'm voting for barack obama

obviously, this is not a political blog.

but, today, i want to share why i'm voting for obama.

equality for alllll
this is a really big one! i'm still confused why people are so against equality...
by opposing this, you come off hateful.
by opposing this, you are not helping anyone.
there has always been and there always will be gay people, allowing someone who is gay to have equal rights, in no way affects your own why is anyone opposing this?
also, i have found that anyone i know personally, that is against equality, happens to not have any gay friends... maybe humanizing what you're so against, could help you see why fairness & equality are so important.

believes in fair pay for men & women
it's really hard to believe anyone would ever vote against this. why would any woman want to vote for someone who doesn't agree with fair pay for women?

green energy
moving forward discovering ways to provide green sustainable energy

bringing war closer to peace

tax cuts for middle class
(helping out the people that actually need the tax cuts, not cutting taxes for the rich who actually have the money to pay higher taxes)

pro choice
i don't want to seem like this is no big deal, b/c i know this is a sensitive subject for many, & especially for some of our family & friends who are christians. 
one thing is, regardless of what i think is right for me,  i don't think it's really my business (or anyone, except for the person involved & their doctor) to make any medical decisions in a person's life. 
secondly, with obamacare, so many more young women will have access to contraceptives (insurance will cover birthcontrol now) so really by preventing pregnancy, statistics show, this can lower the amount of need for abortion...obama's stance & actions are more pro life than the opposing side)

and lastly...
he's someone i think is a strong leader yet he is relate-able & honest.
unfortunately i can't say the same for the opposing candidate.

please comment if you'd like to add anything i've missed! if you're voting for the opposing candidate and would like to say something constructive, feel free to do so too.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

see ya at the flea!!

a. it's daylights savings...yay! [remember fall back an hour!]

b. we're at the ALAMEDA FLEA tomorrow SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4, in space G26.

come say hi!
i love fonts lolz.

going to bed now... very early start tomorrow.

Friday, November 2, 2012


often for breakfast i make grapefruit juice, using the citrus juicer my mom gave me. (maybe one of my most used appliances!)
recently my brother in law brought us a huge bag of pomegranate, we ate a few, but still have a lot left. so then i got the idea to try & juice one, using the citrus juicer. it totally worked! i don't get a ton of juice, but still enough to really taste it, when combined with grapefruit juice.

i always wonder what people have for breakfast (well, & for every meal). so i'm sure you're dying to know what i have for breakfast......(probably not, ha)
i'll tell you anyway. some days i just have coffee, other times a tea tonic, but on my favorite kind of days,  i'm hungry for real breakfast! 

side note:
i order this bread from julian bakery, because regular bread just isn't good enough for me -_- lol, kinda kidding. but,
i do really love their bread. it's delicious & they use sprouted grains (which cuts down the gluten & increases protein content) & they also have many vegan choices.

today for breakfast, i made a kale, chives & cherry tomato tofu scramble with  avocado toast. 

Kale Tofu Scramble

a few leaves of kale
evoo or coconut oil
1-2 tsp turmeric
one/two garlic cloves

put a little coconut oil in your pan. as it heats up add chopped garlic & some chives. while that heats up, take a chunk of tofu, and crumble it with a fork (before this, you can press the tofu, to drain... but sometimes i skip that part & it still tastes good). as the garlic begins to brown, add the crumbled tofu. let it heat up then sprinkle a little sea salt & turmeric, mix to make sure all tofu is yellow. turn down the heat to low & chop up the kale (& red cherry tomatoes, if ya want!). put the kale in the pan, mix well, let it sit for 30 seconds & turn heat off. add remaining chives & some more cherry tomatoes. (i also added some mung bean sprouts i just sprouted, adds a little crunch, really good)

at this point, i let it sit there, while i make my avocado toast. 

bon appetit!

what's your favorite breakfast?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

silly costumes

our niece & nephew came over, helped us decorate our place with spider webs & carved pumpkins.  we dressed up in costumes & exhausted ourselves trick or treating,

we have two spies and a pwinsess :)

it was their first time t&t-ing, so it took a few tries to really get the whole "trick or treat" "thank you, happy halloween" down.  sometimes they would just ring the door bell & smile :)

my favorite quote of the night was this :

-Alicia "Trick of Treat"
-Person at the Door "well hello there, and who are you?"
-Alicia "Alicia"

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

about time!

who was i kidding, with all that long hair business?
i'm a short hair kinda girl, the end.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

gloomy & doomy

it was gloomy in fresno the other day. we haven't seen many of those in the last six months, so we went for a walk. we tried to talk to the horse, who lives down the street, but she/he didn't want anything to do with us. (gotta remember to bring a carrot or apple next time!)

we snapped a few photos in a farm field, with my favorite gloomy kind of lighting.

then my sister & her husband came over with the kidos. they brought avocado sushi for someone &  in-n-out grilled cheese sandwich for someone else. we played cards & had wine. 
i want a repeat of that night, asap.

see ya guys! thanks for looking around. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


our friends came to visit us in fresno for the weekend! we have a spare room now-a-days, so i love when people come stay with us. they have privacy, we have privacy, it's nice. then in the morning we all have a damn fine cup of coffee together, maybe pancakes or breakfast potatoes too.  then mess around with our music instruments.

we did a lot of eating at our house, mostly because i think i can cook better meals than  most restaurants here (lol, kidding, kinda) i try & eat mostly vegan, so if i'm cooking, i know exactly what's in our food.
[however...we did get amazing burritos, after karaoke, & playing pool at our favorite dive bar.]
during the day, we went estate sale hoppin' ...that's what you do in fresno, ok? :)
cayla bought a purse  & nate bought a weed-wacker.

sometimes i wonder if there are any "cool" people in fresno... & also how to find these "cool" people. well,
guess what... we found thee coolest person in fresno.
& he sure loved getting his picture taken by a drive by car. mr. oiled up showboat! love it.
the end. see ya guys!