Saturday, August 20, 2011

g' mornin'

it's a beautiful saturday morning here in brooklyn.  i woke up 8 am,  made some coffee, special toast & thought about an unsettling situation.
i don't know if anyone else experiences this, but when there is something that causes anxiety for me, my stomach sort of turns off. this could be any anxiety, good or bad. for example, before a show, i shouldn't eat, i know food wont settle right.
i believe this is what triggered my quest for healthy foods, early on in my life. i've been vegetarian a little over eight years now. i remember i decided to try & not eat meat for a while to see if my heaviness in my tummy eased up. & it did.
& then that makes you look differently at meat all together. anyway.

back to the special toast, i mentioned.
neither nate nor i eat breakast very often. we're just not hungry in the mornings.
a cup of coffee & we're golden. but, mornings like today, where we lounge around, playing with our kitties, we start wanting a wittle snacky packy.

my sister came to visit last weekend, and brought a glass jar ;) of homemade apricot jam.
so here's the complicated special toast recipe :

two slices of toasted ezekiel bread 
(i love this bread b/c it's organic, & they use sprouted grains, which are full of extra nutrition for ya!
& not the biggest fan of plain bread anyway, so this does the trick for me)
crunchy almond butter (i use trader joe's brand)
helen's yummy apricot jam 

ok. well, we're on cup of coffee number three... (they're small cups though..) which means we better get going! we get to go pick out a new guitar for nate, get some lunch, go to the fort greene farmer's market & rehearse for our show tomorrow night.

if you live in NYC, come see us play tomorrow, at the delancey @ eight.

we've had some record breaking rain recently here. i don't hate it.
if we move from here, i'll miss the variety in the weather, ya neva know watcha gonna get around here.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

family timez

we had a nice weekend, I hope you did too.

my older sister & her family came to visit NYC this weekend.  we did a lot of fun things, like go see dinosaur bones at the museum, brighton beach (where pretty much everyone is russian), restaurants for days, some shopping and more beach.
anthony (who goes by Tosha) is so big now. he has two big kid teeth in front. he's becoming...older! (duh! but still, so strange!)
my little neice Alicia (a-lee-see-ya) has such an adorable & hilarious personality, was really cool to get to know her more. ( & to top it off she's such a cute little monkey.) 

she has a really silly sense of humor. her favorite thing was to make this face at me & make me think she was upset at something. this face was always followed by a giggles, b/c she couldn't hold it for too long. 
i tried to take family photos for them, but sometimes it's tough getting everyone's face & background & focus to cooperate
my sister took a really sweet photo of nate and me.
my favorite part about the photo is the pair of little legs between us.
ok. once again. here i am, up later than i want to be, on a sunday.
there were some sad good byes happening when they left. no worries, we'll see each other soon!

have a great week everyone.

Monday, August 8, 2011

new bag new dress

so, i won this bag. 
canyon backpack by tenoversix 
my favorite store/my favorite people/my new favorite bag.
i dip-dyed my dress with teichopsia textiles. it washed out a lot. they told me the color wouldn't hold if the fabric wasn't cotton. whoopsy.
coincidentally, the bag looks great with my dress.
 had a whole coconut to cool off yesterday. i was walking in the lower east side, and saw this little vegan restaurant/juice place that looked like it's been there for ev er. i didn't write down the name, but i know where it's at exactly, so i can go back to it.

it was better than any canned coconut water!
then i took the L train, one stop to williamsburg. it's kind of awesome how quick you can get into the city from williamsburg. one stop!

*if anyone knows of any places in williamsburg available for rent, 1bdrm, let a girl know! oh & cheap! oh & windows! 
talk to you another hot day.

money shot. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

august already.

a new restaurant opened in bed stuy, called do or dine.
yay for bed stuy.
the shishito peppers made me think of Los Angeles. Buddah's Belly (by work) & Barbrix (by home)
i could criticize the restaurant, but at least they're doing something, and it's one of the best places in bed stuy. 

we're starting to see some fruit in our garden.

being an adult means, you get to have what you want in your fridge. 
used bok choy in a little saute situation, for the first time. success!
(i think i was worried i wouldn't like it, so i made it 'well done.'
it's my new favorite veggie. & lol, i thought wouldn't like a veggie??)
 a little something something i bought from yelizabeta
i've been wearing it two days in a row, make that three today.
miso soup.
best miso soup i've ever had. (don't mind me, while i pat myself on the back)

we've been real social butterflies lately. going away parties, bday parties & more!
(that is, one going away party & one bday party)
my little cat boys are doing good. funny & cute, as usual.
boy one : coop
boy two : rozzy

i walked into a pet store last wk, & wanted to go home with a little chihuahua.
i hear pet stores aren't going to be able to sell pets anymore... i got a pretty bad feeling while being in there. about 15 little puppies in separate aquarium looking boxes. just not right.
some sleeping, some barking, some eating their blankets.
i asked to hold the chihuahua and he said 'only if you're going to buy him"
:/ he was $1690. i just don't understand.
& why not let people pet them?
 i got a phone picture of the little guy, hope someone took him home. he was teeny tiny.

ok, i'll leave ya with some more street pictures.
this guy was trying to bark at us. lol. you look like a teddy bear. you can't bark at us.

Monday, August 1, 2011

your heart is gold, let it show

hi guys
so, WE did it. we played our first show, in nyc. phew!!
plenty more to come, but just feels so good to have broken the ice, with such a laid back and relaxed first show. there were tie-dying classes during the day and then we played to close the evening off.

we were a wittle nervous, b/c we haven't played a show in over a year, and to top it off, there were just the two of us playing and singing, vs the six in our old band. (just listened to skipping stepping stones & hidden treasure.... still so good!)

anyway, we're really excited for this new season in our lives.
in other news. there's a squirel that comes up to our 3rd story fire escape and taunts our little boys.
[nate cole photo cred!]
fries. i don't eat often, but LOVE when i do eat 'em.
who doesn't love fries? these specifically are from strong place. great happy hour!

little flirt of a cat showed up on our stoop. just wanted a lil' love and wanted a photoshoot.

went out and about, found MUDspot, got some coffee & coffee beans. not too bad! the beans didn't have a roast date....which always makes me think they're going to make awful coffee. but nope. berry good coffee!
then nate bought me some flowers. i think b/c he thought they would go great with the shirt i was wearing :)
ok. i'm about to make some dinner.
i'm thinking a miso veggie soup + a huge salad....maybe a pizza...or sandwich.......

i've been trying to do some street photos... not fashion street photos, but just everyday life type photos.
here are the first few. they're only gonna get better, the more confidence i get.