Wednesday, October 31, 2012

about time!

who was i kidding, with all that long hair business?
i'm a short hair kinda girl, the end.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

gloomy & doomy

it was gloomy in fresno the other day. we haven't seen many of those in the last six months, so we went for a walk. we tried to talk to the horse, who lives down the street, but she/he didn't want anything to do with us. (gotta remember to bring a carrot or apple next time!)

we snapped a few photos in a farm field, with my favorite gloomy kind of lighting.

then my sister & her husband came over with the kidos. they brought avocado sushi for someone &  in-n-out grilled cheese sandwich for someone else. we played cards & had wine. 
i want a repeat of that night, asap.

see ya guys! thanks for looking around. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


our friends came to visit us in fresno for the weekend! we have a spare room now-a-days, so i love when people come stay with us. they have privacy, we have privacy, it's nice. then in the morning we all have a damn fine cup of coffee together, maybe pancakes or breakfast potatoes too.  then mess around with our music instruments.

we did a lot of eating at our house, mostly because i think i can cook better meals than  most restaurants here (lol, kidding, kinda) i try & eat mostly vegan, so if i'm cooking, i know exactly what's in our food.
[however...we did get amazing burritos, after karaoke, & playing pool at our favorite dive bar.]
during the day, we went estate sale hoppin' ...that's what you do in fresno, ok? :)
cayla bought a purse  & nate bought a weed-wacker.

sometimes i wonder if there are any "cool" people in fresno... & also how to find these "cool" people. well,
guess what... we found thee coolest person in fresno.
& he sure loved getting his picture taken by a drive by car. mr. oiled up showboat! love it.
the end. see ya guys!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

road trip...again

i don't know how many times we've driven up and down the I5 (maybe 200x ??).
most of the world, or even most of the U.S will never do this drive. so here it is, the beginning of the grapevine, something that is so familiar to me & may be new to you.

it was foggy, but pretty, so we pulled over. we usually do not pull over as we want to just get there. it's a good thing to remember though, that it's all about the journey anyway, riiight?
we spent the weekend in LA.
i took some pictures for my friends, nate & i went to LACMA, ate at my favorite restaurant elf & even tho it was getting late, saw some of our good friends just before we headed back to fresno.

a short trip, but enough to keep me from missing LA too much.

 ps. one of the pictures i took of my friends is on refinery29 today :)

Monday, October 15, 2012


the horticulture nursery at the fresno university is one of my favorite places to go. i always see new unique plants, & currently have my eye on a ginger plant there, which if planted, can spread & grow wild. 
we did pick out a few more house plants & got a plant for a friend. (in my opinion the best kind of gift)

pictures courtesy of my main boiee, nate cole.

Friday, October 12, 2012


our niece & nephew come over after school sometimes, so we play games & music, eat snacks, go to the movies, draw or whatever else they want to do. yesterday was so sweet, alicia must have had a pretty big day at school.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

raw doughnut holes recipe

this morning i saw a picture of some fresh donuts, & started craving a warm doughnut! the kind we used to get, once in a while, in brooklyn & had with a cup of strong black coffee.
since i don't know of anything even close to that in fresno, i started looking up recipes for donuts, thinking i'd just make some.
then i realized i didn't have any flour (or any other ingredient for real donuts, ha).
so then i looked at numerous raw doughnut hole recipes, &, well, ended up creating my own!
they turned out great!

i wouldn't call them "doughnuts" tho, maybe more like... soft nutty circular sweet thingies

(raw) soft nutty circular sweet thingies

1 c mixed nuts (hazel, cashew, almond)
handful of flax seeds
(roughly) 1 cup pitted dates
1 tbsp coconut butter
1 tbsp coconut oil 
pinch of sea salt

put the nuts in a food processor, pulverize, add the dates.
 after it's all mixed well together add the coconut butter & oil. combine.
make little donut-hole looking shapes. roll them around in the coconut sugar & cinnamon. 

enjoy with a hot, black cup of joe!
 ps. i made this little bowl! very proud. 

 ok. bye.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


one of the best things about fresno, is that part of my family lives here. love my little goofy niece & nephew (& of course love their parents too, ha)

another thing i like about fresno is that we're close to other fun places. we frequent sacramento, SF, monterey, big sur & LA. we have yosemite to go to next! & also, i love when people visit.

ok. bye guys. it's starting to cool off here, and idonthateit.

Friday, October 5, 2012

denver colorado!

don't tell me there's a huge red rock behind me...

we went to denver, to shoot a family wedding. i was hesitant on being thee photographer at first, but so happy i did agree & now have lots of fun pictures to edit through this weekend.

as a bonus, nate & i got to dilly-dally all over denver.
i had no idea how awesome denver is! there are great restaurants & bars that serve inexpensive drinks & vegan food, great coffee shops, shopping, beautiful inspiring landscape....i got to feed chickens behind a (mostly)vegan restaurant.

we found lots of things while thrift shopping & had to keep refining our finds  b/c we were exceeding our luggage limits. (still got a bunch of good stuff tho!)

luckily, part of nate's family lives there, so we have reason to go back soon!

thanks for looking :)