Thursday, May 31, 2012


yay! we're really excited about selling our clothing in person! we have lots of really great new things, which have piled up & you can have first dibs on it if ya come to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire!

2900 Navy Way (at Main Street)
Alameda, CA 94501

as of right now, we are going to be at spot L9!  we are teaming up with Founded vintage shop, so if you are on the west coast, make a fun roadtrip out of it & come see us :) (i'm full of great ideas!)

we'll be featuring some new things, a few hand dip-dyed pieces & most everything you see on our

bye!! hope to see you on the...flip...side...... 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

how's fresno?

well, in the last two weeks, I've been to seattle (hung out with cutie pie nephew!), los angeles, monterey & camping in big sur, ... so yeah.

we've been finding really great restaurants & farmer's markets in fresno. that makes me happy!
next step is to make some friends here. (aside from my sweet sister & her family :) )

it's already very very warm here.

here's a mishmash of photos. i can't believe tomorrow is thursday already... feels like it should be a tuesday. (not complainin' just sayin')

these pics are hardly a representation of what Big Sur is like in person... it's so vast & like nothing else on earth (that i've seen, anyway)...(well, i've seen pics of iceland & it looks pretty awesome...well, you know what i mean!) if you ever get the chance to visit big sur, be sure to do it!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

and the winner is...

Julie Watson! 

Thanks so much to everyone else who entered the contest! Loved reading (& looking up) about the music you're listening too!  I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

g i v e a w a y

aglassjar presents MUSES & REBELS jewelry giveaway
winner will pick one of the four pieces i chose for this very special giveaway! 

i know every other blog is doing a giveaway these days. so, i want to be picky about the giveaways i sponsor on my blog, after all.... it is my (little) blog :) 

these are great.
handmade, in los angeles, by the designer, with the help of her friends.

to enter :

like muses & rebels on fb
leave a comment here
(let me know which necklace you'd pick &... your favorite song or band right now)

winner will be chosen a week from today.
may the best girl win! (or guy)

ps. can't wait for the giveaway? check out their mega savings deal on refinery29!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

fresno, LA, fresno

it's getting hot in fresno.
but staying cool in LA.

i spent the weekend dog sitting, in LA, for a friend.
i went to the farmer's market, a few favorite stores, but didn't really see any friends. one night, i wanted to hang out, but didn't know who to call. so i just watched iron chef with the dog/friend.
i kinda liked being a loner. getting coffee by myself, eating at a table, by myself. shopping for jars... by myself.  [not in a sad way, but experiencing LA in a new way] i guess i'm just still working out some feelings. do i eventually want to live there? or am i content just being a visitor?

i'm happy to be back home, in fresno. (fresno. still feels so new to say!)
however, looking at these pictures makes me miss the pup.

most boxes are now unpacked (the ones that are not, are out of site)

while in LA, i saw some (very expensive...too expensive) beautiful furniture.

we need (/want):
a dining table, a sofa & a coffee table. (asap.)

can't wait to paint everything...

when i got home, nate made sangria, as a lil welcome home surprise.
it was pretty much delicious.
an exact recipe will be for another day.
(lol, nate mowing the lawn in the blurry background.)
kidos were helping me with a little giveaway photoshoot :) [jewelry giveaway #two this week!]

aside from the sangria, nate also unpacked & hung up all my clothing, in our closet.
i mean... come on!
ok. that's all folks! my little sister is graduating from 'le cordon blue' this thursday, & we are flying tomorrow to surprise her! hope she doesn't read this before we see her! (actually, i kinda hope she does read this!)

surprise inna! :) did you really think we would miss your graduation?


Thursday, May 10, 2012

my friend kristen, (of tenoversix, my favorite LA shop!) asked me to take some pictures of her & her (chunky, hugable little bear) baby for a refinery29 mother's day post.
b/c they are both so cute, it was easy to get many very very cute pictures of them! :)

in other news,
we moved to FRESNO, ca.
why? you ask.
why not? i say. 
maybe we'll live here a year, maybe twenty years, who knows. all we know now is, we love our new house, and we are only a couple hours away from LA & SF.

we have lots & lots of things to do still (clean, unpack, paint, figure out the flooring, find furniture...etc), but the house is coming together & we're starting to see it shape into our home.

& the kitties are loving life. it's a lot warmer here, so they're doing a lot of lounging around.

 ok. that's all for now folks.
see ya later.