Saturday, April 7, 2012

this song has been played at least once (or ten...) times a day, for the last few wks. 
so.... press play & read on ;)

nate & i celebrated six years of marraige (such an a-dult word) last wknd. 
we went to napa. can't believe this was our first time, since we've spent most of our marriage in california. oh well! i'm glad there are still things to discover, in good ol' cali. 

we tasted wine, ate bread & warmed olives (& to think, i used to *hate* olives... what was i thinking? actually, this is a prime example of why i encourage people to try the things they think they don't like... b/c one day you might start loving it! i'm still working on celery and mushrooms (ew) )

after a couple days in napa, we ended our vacay, by meeting up with friends at the alemeda flea
this is my second favorite flea market. (my first favorite is the long beach flea market.... wonder if they used the same website designer, lmao)

& would you believe we found some of the best indian food at the market? believe it! (they had me at "vegan and vegetarian selection")

our friends cutie pie kids. one of them carries around a little lamb named "Beba," i mean...

i use my iphone for more pics than my regular camera these days.
some end up on instagram (@aglassjar) but most just take up space on my iphone.
so here are a few.

k. bye! off to see my mom! haven't seen her (in person) in over a year!! what the?!