Sunday, July 24, 2011

july twenty fourth

hi guys. it's one am, & i'm really trying to hold on to my sunday.
today was a fun lil day & i said i want to do what we did today every weekend.

we found a new taco place, near where we live, that was just delicious. different from other 'mexican food' places we've ever been to... the kind of taco place that doesn't have guacamole[which was disappointing at first, but then i forgot quickly, that i was missing it], but has lots of veg/vegan options. [forgot the name of the place & nate is already asleep & i don't want to wake him]
we each got two tacos (freshly handmade tortillas) & shared some beans & rice.
the beans & rice alone were full of flavor, yumz!

we then went to the beach.
the beaches here are different from california beaches.
haven't figured out what exactly makes them feel 'so' different...

it was sunny for a while, and then a dark cloud - very end of the world looking cloud- started moving towards us.
we packed up our things, and started walking just as it starting pouring.
since we were wet from swimming, we didn't mind the rain at all. 

then we went home.
made vegan bbq "chicken" & broccoli pizza.
then played music together. [getting ready for our show next weekend]
trader joe's sells whole wheat pizza dough for 99cents! & it's so delicious! the 'cheese' i used is called daiya cheese, it's the only non real cheese i like...melted
i love salad on my pizza too -- i get this broccoli slaw from trader joes, so it takes like five seconds to make a salad.
ok. i better get to sleep, i have to leave the house a little earlier than normal to get myself a coffee [b/c i'll be needing it now, ha] we're out of beanz at home.
i'll leave you with this peaceful picture nate took while me & ma boyz waz nappin'.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

my hassey

i wont stop talking about my old hasselblad,'s the best.

it's a poor man's canon 5d mark II
nate, at washington square.

it's sunday afternoon, and i'm hungry.
nate made some bbq tofu sandwiches for us the other day. best homemade sandwich i've ever had. since we're not in the mood to make any food for ourselves, we'll go out now.

sinister coop

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

what's new?

it's been hot in nyc. but can't say i hate it!
we spent our weekend walking around, hunting down organic kale, coffee, ice cold coconut water, kombucha, summer clothes, playing music & had a brown rice burrito from chipotle!that's right, just when you think chipotle can't get any better, they start carrying brown rice.

i finally fixed my roots..... why was i letting them grow so long? idk.
i think i was going to try and do something like marykate ...or is this ashley?
enjoy your summer, bye guys.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

summa tam

summer is here. & i now love nyc > i hate nyc.
our neighbors are out of town & asked us to water their garden, [which i love doing, i've been watering gardens since i was a little girl. our family has always had some sort of garden. full of tomatoes, dill, cucumbers + more, oh & raspberries!]
they said we can harvest their raspberries while they're gone. & i said 'ugh, okay, fine, since i have to ' [lol. sike, so happy!]
so far our fourth of july weekend is going great. i woke up nice & early, got a few chores done.
nate & i are prepping for our first show together. it'll be outside and completely acoustic, no pressure, just fun.
nice write up here

last weekend we went to the gay pride parade in the city.
packed, but to my dismay not as outrageous as i was thinking it would be. pretty great that everyone can marry now.

anyway, we are about to head out to the farmer's market & to get some brunch. (even tho i've already had two pieces toast with avocado & pretty much that entire bowl of raspberries)

we let coop & rozzy out on our fire escape while we're home, a& little rozzy cracked us up today, b/c he made himself comfy in a planter. goofy.

i'm currently reading the help
(which is good, but coming off a tad boring after the girl with the dragon tattoo series. )
anyway, they portray the rich white women as lazy, and i find myself sort of wondering if i come off lazy. the thing about me is, i hate doing the dishes, but i love cooking.
i told nate today, that if i unexpectedly die, i hope that they find a huge pile of dirty dishes in my sink, b/c wouldn't it be a shame if they found a pile of freshly washed dishes? that means i wasted the last hours of my life washing dishes!
well on that note, bye! have a great weekend!