Thursday, January 19, 2012

i really need to study html :/

i have been messing around with it today, but just can figure some things out.

a few latest updates. we found a home! so happy!! will give more details once it is finalized!! 3 wks from now for sure! yay!!!

i am getting good vibes from 20-12

my friend is married now.
we've been traveling up and down the coast every week. (went to the redwood forest most recently!)
my other friend darkened my hair for me.
nate started helping me run my etsy shop! (now featuring clothing for guys too...more to come)

ok. that's all. more exciting posts to come... promise!

ok. a short one this time. don't forget to take a peak at the ol etsy shop! support the cause y'all! (jk)