Thursday, March 24, 2011

mid march

the other day we rearranged our place.
it's been 6 months now since we've been here, and spring is here (as of last wknd, officially!) so we decided to make our office/recording studio bigger, and our bedroom smaller.
so far, we love our new music room. we started recording another song. i think things will pick up for us (musically, meaning we''ll write & upload more songs) in the next 6 months. the winter/cold/blue really turns this city off. everyone hibernates, it seems like.
plus, we can now be together while the other one is working on a song.
i've always loved rearranging furniture. i used to amaze my parents as a kid. they'd come home, and i'd moved the bed, huge dresser all by my scrawny self. my dad used to say i got that from my grandmother, who would say she's sick and weak and can't carry her groceries by herself, but then the next day she would rearrange her entire apartment by herself. oh babushka.
while we were moving things around, little rozzy went and sat in his chair & then later curled up on it like a little shrimp and slept for a few hours like that. 
Coop instantly made himself at home on the new positioned bed
he looks like an old wise asian man in this one. 

we've become obsessed with the show Veronica Mars. by "we've become obsessed" i mean i've become obsessed & nate watches it with me. i hate that i wanted to watch 3 episodes in a row the last few nights!  i guess with the rainy/snowy weather the last two days, it's been nice cuddling up with our boys on the couch & watching our show.

last weekend we went to williamsburg to go eat at a recommended restaurant, called Urban Rustic. as much as i wanted to love this place (they have fresh juices, organic produce & vegetarian options), the staff just wasn't very friendly and also most of their shelves were empty... idk, maybe b/c it's winter they were out of everything? the food was good & they had something called "beer bucha" which is half beer half kombucha!
 it was deceivingly sunny out. looks warm, but it's actually 45 windy degrees out. we both underdressed.
nate started following a crepe truck on twitter, so coincidentally, the truck was in williamsburg. we walked over and nate got a strawberry/nutella crepe. which he ate in it's entirety, but then said it wasn't that good.

..what? i'm just randomly standing there....
 i wanted a raw coconut milk 'cheese' cake slice, which i tried the week before at a raw restaurant. we went back but they didn't have it (surpirse. not).  i am going to attempt to make a raw cheesecake this weekend. hopefully i'll remember to photograph my adventure.
alright, i better go to sleep, so i'm well rested for my last day (for the week) of work.
i like to be extra peppy and happy fridays.
thanks for reading and looking at the pictures!

Monday, March 14, 2011

hi pals!

first off, a friend of mine, who runs a really cool blog[clouds&candy], featured me on her blog. so you can read it HERE

i'm making quinoa & bean burger patties right now. nate is going to be home in an hour, so the boys & i are chilling at home, makin' dinner. 
we ate at this raw restaurant this weekend, that was eh-- a 6.5 out of 10. i don't understand some of these restaurants out here, they're just so 'ok' and not extraordinary. i think if (& when ;) ) i open a restaurant, everything will be immaculate & the food will be delicious and i will have everything in stock. (they were out of every other thing i ordered).
but anyway, i was happy. (i know, a 6.5 doesn't sound that great, but i have a very harsh scale)
oh, but their dessert was a 10 out of 10! raw lucuma coconut chocolate cheese cake! (note: i like creamy coconut, but can't stand shredded coconut.) anyway. i will be trying to make a version of this 'cheese' cake for...probably the rest of my life..

i've also been trying to cut back on coffee lately... i guess it's that time again... every year, at some point i try an 'cut back' on coffee--
but it seems like every coffee cup i see is saying' come on leees!'

we went to see bright eyes the other night, at radio city music hall (one of the best sounding venues i've ever been to) . bright eyes is special to me, b/c nate and i listened to one of his older albums when we first met, so i will always have a soft spot for conor & his music.

my sister sent me this video of my cutie pie little nephew Anthony (formerly known as Antoshka) singing a song he wrote.
it's very emo.
the lyrics are something like this :
i saw you by the fountain
you are so beautiful 
that i wanna marry you 
i went back home
but you're just so beautiful.
then i went to the store
to buy some food
i went back home and then i saw a car
next to my backyard, 
i went back home and something else
she was there and she said surprise!

a few things i'm obsessed with recently
shopping on Amazon
coconut water (<-- amazing, refreshing & so good for ya! so far i like vita coco the best)
making raw vegan food
veronica mars
cats (lol, jk. i'm always obsessed w/ cats)
& the tenoversix/anndra neen wedge

alright i'm gonna wrap it up.
nate and finished a song, listen to it here (& download it for free!)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


it was warm enough to wear my trench yesterday! this means, spring is around the corner.
we were just talking about which is better, a cool fall after a scorching summer or a warm spring after a freezing winter....
the latter, it was unanimous.
 i'm wearing my brand new most favorite jeans of my life! (not joking). high wasted levi's from UO. they're a the perfect shade & fit! $59. not bad for a pair that's your favorite of your life! :)
i was looking up a raw ice cream recipe on youtube (the best recipes are by Ani Phyo, i own two of her books, and all her recipes are very flavorful & delicious) & on the side panel i saw some guy that looked like he might be crazy vegan juice person, so i click on it.
we love this guy now! you gotta watch this video, he's just so crazy.
after laughing for a while, and watching 3 (or 10) of his videos,  we pulled out our juicer and made some veggie/fruit juice. haha.

funny, but he's not talking all crazy, definitely think some of the stuff he says is legit.

& then, nate saw this video on reddit & it's the same guy!

anyway. very strange, i know.

ok. so back to that nice day with my new jeans.
nate made me get this trench jacket from the gap! so cute! i've had it for over a month now, and this was the first day i was able to wear it, fun.
nate found something at this street sale thingy place... anything to make me laugh. then he karate chopped it off.

can you spot all three of them! cuties!they didn't eve bark at us.
just wagged their tails.
street style, bed stuy, NY  
i just found some pictures from last weekend, and there was a really sunny sunday! everyone was outside at the park, and instantaneously in a good mood.
self timer FAIL

it was so nice, I had an iced coffee to cool off.
kinda exaggerating, since it was still 45-50 degrees out.
hat hair

i've been obsessed with getting deals lately online, and have been spending a lot of time on slick deals . i mean, a $3.99 yr subscription to Rachelc Ray Magazine! yes please.
I do want this food processor, and i don't really know why i am holding off on buying this guy, since i've wanted this exact one for over a year, and haven't seen a better deal anywhere ever... $69!
 ...i mean, i would use it probably everyday.... \
i've also get coupon alrets for restaurants in NYC, they're kinda awesome deals. like you buy $50 for $25. it's a little embarrassing, so i go to the bathroom when nate presents the coupon to them. lol. mean, i know, but nate doesn't care so everybody wins. anyway, i'm saying all that just to say we've found another indian restaurant, with the best masala sauce ever. it's just a little pricey, if you ask me.

i also like the coupons, b/c it makes us go out and try different places, and also walk around in different parts of NY. so that night we came across a photography show, and there were pictures up by sandy kim, one of nate's favorite photographers. i like her too, some of her pictures are a little too raunchy for me, but hey it's art, man.

lets see what else.
oh yes, i sprouted some mung beans! so easy & delicious. [the sage has nothing to do with sprouting the mung beans, ha]
& theni made quinioa (keeeen-wa)in my rice maker, roasted some kale w/ balsamic vinegar & mixed it all together. topped it off with fresh baby greens, avacado, special sauce [veganaise&balsamaic&evoo&spicy/sweet mustard=mmmmm] & mung bean sprouts.  i know something is actually good (and not just to me) when nate gets seconds & thirds.

the boys are doing good still.
loving their views.
all three of them are still as weird as ever.

anyone see the strokes on saturday night live? any thoughts about them?