Sunday, January 30, 2011

i've been reading the girl with the dragon tattoo.
yeah, it's good and all, i'll agree with the millions of people who have also read it, but no one told me it'd be so graphic & intense! i have about 1/3 of the book left, i may just finish it tonight.
i know there is a movie out (netflix instant watch!), in Swedish w/ subtitles, nate & i watched the trailer the other day, and i was freaked out!
nate always says i read the weirdest books. it's kind of true, b/c i don't like thrillers, or scary movies or sad movies... but the books i read sometimes are all of those things! strange. no explanation.

i want the kindle, btw.
but that doesn't mean i'm going to stop buying books. i want a library.
it'll just be a lot more convenient for me to carry around a thin notebook sized little kindle than a huge hardcover 500pager, everyday! i've been reading on average 1book a month. i want to read 2-3 books a mnth.

anyway. boring. who doesn't want the kindle.
(probably a lot of people, actually, b/c i wasn't even considering the kindle about a month ago)

we had another blizzard last week. walking to work felt a little apocalyptic, everyone in the streets walking, carrying stuff. idk. these pictures don't really capture what it really felt like walking down these streets. snow also muffles sound, if i'm faced forward and nate is walking right behind me, and i say something, he can't hear me.
this first one is out our window, the morning of.
the boys are suckers for hot clean laundry.

i have this new crochet poncho, that i've been wearing quite often. i bought it originally to post up on my etsy, but for now, i will wear it, until i get sick of it...then you'll see it up there. :)

we went out to williamsburg yesterday,  to boneshakers.
i asked nate to look up a sandwich place, so he found this place. aaaand it was vegetarian.
oh, and i ended up getting a salad. (it had everything in it)

 (funny thing is, i used like 10 pins for this simple top bun!)

we found a pretty awesome vintage shop on our way home from wburg. i dont know how nate has about 1000x more patience than me at vintage & thrift stores.
he also finds things more often than i do.
* forgot to add this picture nate took of me, after the thrift store. there was a little bar right next door, how convenient. anyway,  it's blurry, but i like it.

alright, i have a couple projects i need to get to tonight (a drawing, a chair cover & a book to read!) so i better get to it. thanks for reading and looking at my pictures.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

january is the coldest month, yes it is

you know, the winter isn't as bad as i imagined it would be. new yorkers would always say 'you just wait til the winter' ... don't get me wrong, it's flippin' cold. just the other day i said 'oh wow! it's going to be warm tomorrow' when i saw it was going to be 31°, so yes, it's cold.
but we wear layers of clothing & both have warm coats. end of story.
saturday we had ourselves a day out and about town as well as some play time in the snow. i tried to recreate a few scenes from love story -- video to follow.
i guess you can say we've become regulars at bedford hill, a little (good) coffee/bagel shop walking distance from our place. the last couple weekends, what we do is walk to b.h get coffee and eat our bagels, then we walk 2 more blocks to dough & share a remarkably puffy & light donut.

being home where it's nice and cozy is so nice when it's freezing outside. i really need to figure out a way i could work from home. our two boys are just the sweetest guys. they start purring when we're near them, i think it's b/c they're so happy we are home.
coop has this sinister look on his face sometimes, i love getting a picture of it! (don't mind his beer belly hanging over his hind legs, he he)

& rozzy loves his sun spot on the edge of the counter. i busted him smelling the roses today (which are so hard to come by this time of year! can't believe i took having fresh flowers anytime in LA for granted! )
i love that one of him stretching :)

coop does this thing now, where he begs to go outside. it's very cute/sad. he just sits by the door & makes theses pitiful 1/2 meows. we give in & let him roam the halls at least once a day. (notice my new opening ceremony/doc martens nate got for me, at an unbelievable price!)

nate's parents ordered a pillow for me as a present for xmas & it just arrived last wk! how fun is that?!
you think christmas is over, but then you get this treat from le train fantome.

today's morning was a repeat of yesterday (except for we threw away half a donut, chocolate & chipotle is as unappetizing as it sounds) & we found&bought a really cute bench for our house. downside we had to take 2 trains & walk a mile in 18°weather. (it was not as hard as it sounds) we think it'll be really fun to tell our grandchildren how we had to walk our furniture five miles home in two feet of snow.
(nate instantly deleted all the food pics off his iphoto, when questioned he said he just hates pictures of food, they look gross to him... )
i dare you to look at this & tell me it looks gross... (actually, it does look gross, but it's so good! cucumber&dill whipped cream cheese w/ avocado & red onion on a toasted whole wheat bagel)

my new twisted hair-do using two bobbie pins.

we ordered dinner to be delivered, while it's a really nice thing to be able to do, it's really awful seeing the delivery guy ride off on his bike (remember, 18° or lower! weather).

nate is playing the most beautiful song on the guitar & is in the beginning stages of recording, we really need tomorrow off too...wish it snowed even more so we couldn't get to work...(wow, what am i, 11 years old?)
i have to go wake our kitties up, they fell asleep in our warm clean laundry, that still needs to be folded.
also, i am going to color my hair a darker shade of blonde tonight... i'll let you know how that goes.
have a great week!
*i flooded you with all these photos to make up for not updating the last while.
if you leave a comment & have a favorite photo from this post, i'd love to know which one!
good bye friends from all over the world

Monday, January 17, 2011

should be asleep

i know, i've been neglecting my bloggy bloggerson.
it's been cold out, but we've been going out more (which is good)
i hear people just stay home during the winter days here...i understand why, but still!

also, b/c it's been cold, all the pictures i have of myself, i'm wearing my blasted puffy coat...
my photographer is walking on thin ice.

i put up a few sweaters on etsy.
we have a printer now, so i can print shipping labels at home...anyway, etsy is back up & should
get updated more frequently.

 a few nights ago, our friend robert & gia were in town, so we got to spend the evening with them...while it was blizzarding outside.
this weekend i got 2 veggie dogs. they were really good, but i think i would have just preferred the toppings minus the veggie dog & minus the bread... but it was my best choice... i need to remember to eat before i go to the flea market.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

this week i discovered karaoke.
i've known what it is, obviously, but i've never actually gone out and done it with friends.
we were invited to go, so i began to panic a little. i didn't think i knew any popular
song. (well, turned out i knew just about every song performed that night.) & also, i kept imaging
it being like my best friend's wedding, the karaoke scene... well. it was wasn't like that at all. you get your own private room with your friends, and pick out the songs you want to do. it's kind of genius!

two days before our karaoke night, i decided to learn a couple songs, just in case i ended up doing a song... so i chose to learn lady gaga [feat. beyonce] telephone -- (i listened to maany popular songs, and decided this one would maybe be the most fun to do)
anyway, it was really fun. and i really want to do it again.  -- who knew!

that's me and greg listening to what's my name, that was a possibility too-- but they didn't have it as a choice at the karaoke place, so we did telephone, instead.
today we went & ate at cafe gitane for lunch. (toast with avocado!)
had mochas. (& i'm wearing a polka dot xmas present nate's parents
got for me from my friend olya's shop)
nate got a super cute cable knit sweater,
that we are going to share. so cozy, i've wanted one like that for a while.
after lunch, we walked around shopping. stumbled upon Fjällräven sample sale.
didn't buy anything, just looked around and talked about how trendy those backpacks were, lol, but i still kinda want one. backpacks are so convenient around here... i hardly ever carry around a purse anymore... it's very strange! but i don hatit .  
speaking of... i'm in the market for a new backpack, my hemp backpack i've had for a while (but just started using since moving to brooklyn) is falling apart. i've heard it's suppose to last 10 years, it's barely lasted me 6 months! story of my life.
let me know if you see something cute out there!

it's been freezing around here. the cold is not really bothering me. i bundle up really well, that coat of a monster really keeps me toasty. i am just getting bored of all my clothes. 
tired of my sweaters, tired of my cardigans, the same scarves & gloves. anyway, i'm in the market for new winter everything.
ok. good night. 
ps. has anyone watched a british show called 'gavin & stacey,' it's an instant play on netflix
nate & i really love it. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

hippy new year!

has anyone seen this the last dragon? it's a movie, from the late 80s...
This was one of the movies i watched as a kid, before i could speak english. (this and bloodsport.)
i think i remember these movies the most, b/c i had huge crushes on frank duke, and leroy green...
anyway -- nate had never seen the last dragon, we watched it this weekend. he loved it!! jk.
i guess it's only good if you watched it 20 years ago!

we had a nice chill new years eve. good friends, good food & drinks.
you could see fireworks from across the buildings in our back windows. so right at midnight i crawled out onto our fire escape, then climbed in just as fast when i heard 6 gun shots.

as a christmas present from my nephew judah, i got a poster from fine little day. but then a few days later i received the same one again... even tho he has immaculate taste, i think maybe because he's only 1 1/2 yrs old, he doesn't know exactly what he's doing yet :)
at first i was going to send one of them back, but then i got an idea.

we're keeping both.

the snow is melting around here.
i got really sick of wearing that sleeping bag of a coat around. i want to own like 10 different warm coats. b/c it really does get boring wearing the same one everyday. (wow, life is hard. lol)
today, i layered up my acne jacket, and i was plenty warm.
i'm saving up for a new canon SLR camera... i think of it everyday.
nate suggested i sell my leica d lux 4 & get the new camera. lol, nicceee try nate. not in this life time.
no but seriously. i need this little guy, and i need this new big guy for more serious pictures. ahh. life.

"Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously near to wanting nothing." -sylvia plath

my boy, waiting for me.

ok. bye friends. 
i leave you with this little rascal in a shop.