Friday, November 26, 2010

where do kittens hide in a snow storm?

thxgiving morning i tried to recreate the banana pancakes i made the other day.
i always burn my pancakes, but that's the way i like 'em. (& coincidentally can't make any other way)
eating them, drinking coffee & cuddling with our boys, was a nice way to spend the morning.
as a topping for our p'cakes, i combined almond butter & maple syrup by heating them together = yumz.
this year, nate & i spent the holiday on our own.
i think it's our first time. we walked around our neighborhood & then went to catch the tail end of the macy's parade. someone at work suggested we go to that & it hit me that we actually could.
we had fun, and for a second it started to snow, which falsely got my hopes up, b/c then it started raining.
i got this intensely cozy coat. i was looking for exactly that, a coat that will keep me warm, from head to toe. CHECK. next, some boots.
i finally wore my vintage lanvin dress! that's right, i found a vintage lanvin dress at a thrift store. sure the print is so bright, but it fit me perfectly. i topped it off with my favorite knit sweater from topshop--the sweater is so delicate and soft, i've already nicked it 10000x.

we walked the forty blocks to the middle
of the place we heard that everything would be
and there were barricades to keep us off the streets 
but the crowd kept pushing forward
'til they swallowed the police

(old soul song, one of my favorite bright eyes songs. i used to really love him,  but now i think he's lost his musical edge...whatever that means)
it was a lovely morning/afteroon.
but then followed by a sort of melancholy evening. i am catching a cold, so i was feeling tired, & took like 3 naps. made mashed potatoes & sides for dinner.  
then continued with my naps while nate worked on a special song...
which will be done, maybe tonight :) 

today i am feeling refreshed & very well rested! nate went off to work while i am off work today, therefore it's my turn to work on the special song.
but work isn't all that bad either. i enjoy my ride to work, the scenery is beautiful, and once it snows, i will probably cry on my way to work, lol... like b/c it's so beautiful?

ok.happy black friday (why is it called that?!) 
& i'm really surprised no one commented on my last post of that insane picture from mapquest/street view!  maybe it's too small, but if you click on it, it enlarges... maybe everyone was in awwe, like me.
or maybe no one cares. lolz

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

you're like, woahhh

that's right. that's naan. & i made it. & it's "hella" easy! & oh so good. heaven, right out of the oven.
i was inspired by my mom, who only likes naan, of all indian food... i guess one can't argue too much with that! i searched the interwebz for a naan recipe with the fewest ingredients & the most positive reviews. & found one! flour, baking powder, salt & yogurt. click here for more detes.
i've made naan twice now.
i also tried to copy bollywood's incredible cheese naan....& succeeded.

since i don't work around really cool/inspiring people/clothes/art... i'm starving for that.
i feel like i need a new wardrobe. (& i do!)
i need to take more photographs. i need a new camera.
i want to write a song...& track my own drums.
this list could go on a long time. so i'll stop.

i realize i have strange/unique taste.
i think olive is one of my favorite colors. yeah, ya know, that ugly green mixed with yellow.
my favorite clothing is usually shapeless.
so, i'll show you some of my favorite things out there. i've liked all of them for a while now. i should start acquiring some of these things, if i love them so much... right?
cardigan from o.c

Rowena Sartin Double Pocket Square Shirt & Abstract Expressionist leggings.
visit her store IKO IKO if you're ever in LA & follow her blog

i've been obsessed with these shoes since i saw sketches of them :/ tenoversix knows what they're doing.
& this necklace...remember i posted it a long time ago? anndra neen. i've actually run into the designers 2x since being here. (this picture is lifeless... i wouldn't even consider it, if i only saw this picture of it... eh, what are you gonna do about it)

obviously i have more things i like, but i just got sleepy. 

i made banana pancakes & jamie&moses came over. 
then we went & had sandwiches&beer together. 
& then, 
i realized how amazing prospect park was & how close it was to where we live! 

this was a bar in williamsburg with coworkers...err, friends...

this is cooper, watching the seasons change.
 ok this is all.
but could someone please tell me if this map camera is real?!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

we finish eachother's ...sandwiches

we ate sandwiches for lunch 2 days in a row.
1. no. 7 sub , a sandwich shop i've been going to since august, when we came to visit, before we moved here.
2. bierkraft , a new sandwich & beer place, we went to for the first time today. we both ate only half our sandwich (b/c they were huge!!) & also, b/c we each had a beer. we'll be going back there, for sure, this week. i'm kind of obsessed. i do wish i knew more about beer( it too early for new year resolutions?)

here, my favorite kind of outfit. boyish, yet still super girly.
someone said to me that i looked very miu miu...whatever that meant, anyway, i took it as a compliment.
it's been fall in new york. sunny but cold, and i'm loving it.
i didn't think i would be able to wear my tenoversix jacket, b/c it's more of an LA weather kind of jacket. wool with short sleeves. i wore it the last two days, and according to the forecast, i should be able to wear it tomorrow too!
if you are a good detective, you should be able to tell which pictures of me are from saturday, and which are from sunday.
goodnight friends.
it's much too late here... so strange, it's only 10 in LA right now...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

cat person

i had someone at my new job say "you look like a cat person" after i told them i had two of them.

i've heard that before. & it's slightly offensive, no? why is it when i hear "cat lady" or even "cat person" i think of a crazy person.
anyway. i am a not a just a cat person, i am an animal person. i would have a dog in a heartbeat, if i could... & a bird & a hamster.
no fish though. you can't cuddle a fish.

we're getting used to living here in brooklyn. i didn't think it was possible to be w/o a car...well, here i am... no car, and loving it. 
the biggest downside to this, however,  is grocery shopping.
last night i went to trader joe's for the first time, and went ballistic.
big mistake. BIG MISTAKE.

i had to walk those groceries [4 bags + a full backpack] 4 blocks to the bus. then 1 1/2 blocks home.
i would take 10 steps & set everything down. take 12 step . set everything down. & so on.
 as i was crossing the street, a bus honked at me... the nerve.
i felt like a real new yorker right then, i looked right at her (& bus' headlights) and said "really??"

today was a super nice sunny but very chilly day.
these are two (2nd) cutest kitties ever.
a big grey one, and teensy tiny orange shy guy.
what will they do when it snows?
at least they will have a cat person coming by & visiting them a few times a week. maybe i'll steal a few treats from coop & rozzy for them...

Sunday, November 7, 2010


nate comes and waits for me to get off work, then we walk together & find something to eat. i worked by the empire state building, & this is it, with fog all over it.

i no longer work there. i have a new job, which i like & it's in brooklyn. i'm loving brooklyn these days. it's been so cold the last week. nate bought me heattech leggings & tankies... do you know what heattech is? if you live in california, probably not. i now wear these thin but super warm leggings under all my clothes, and they work. i'm in the market for a toasty coat & some weather proof boots.
i did get an Acne coat, but it's more of a fall jacket vs. a winter coat. it looks fancy, and it probably meant to be worn with more dressed up outfits, but it ain't stopping me from wearing jeans with it.

The other night nate & i went to the MoMA Ps1 museum, for a book fair. it was really cool, i wanted to buy about 100 books, but left with 2 magazines (i plan to get subscriptions to!). One of these weekends we are going back there. I want to go there during the day.

It's been a busy last few weeks. Since I got a new job, I had a little overlap happen with the jobs, ended up working a few double shifters...powered through it, if you will. got a cold, powered through it some more, and now i'm golden. went out for coffee & a mixed berry muffin this morning.
and then the muffin fell. all on it's own....
"whadja do?"

the boys slept.
we worked on music.
and then the boys slept some more.
i've also acquired a new scent for my winter in new york. i've been obsessed with this scent for almost a year now. it's very expensive so i use it sparingly. Monocle no. 1 Hinoki w/ Comme des Garcons.
it smells like a forest in japan + blueberries & coffee? i don't know. it's just so good. i'm even keeping the box too.  & that's my favorite vase my friend gave me as a going away present.
the two top magazines are the two i got at the book fair, and the living etc. magazines are my most favorite home design inspiration magazine i just discovered!
i will have a wall of books like this in my house some day, w/ a ladder, of course.

alright! we're off to the UCB here. first time, hope we can get in!
& happy belated halloween!

my new boss says "ps" right before any punchline to any story & it's funny b/c he has a new yorker accent & i'll make a video one day here once i get his accent & mannerisms down...maybe.
anyway, so ps. we finished the song we worked on today & i love it.  check 'er out herez if ya want. song #5 make me an offer.