Monday, February 27, 2012

road trips

that's coop up there, sipping his water from our fake glass. i guess cats don't like to drink water if you put it by their food. we discovered this with both of our cats, they would only drink water from our glass, the second we we're not watching our glass.
so now we have, what they think are, our glasses full of water all over the place, for them.

i spoke too soon before, when i posted a picture of our future house & bragged about all those fruit trees. now, i've learned my lesson. mums the word. we're not getting that house, & working on getting into a different one. only once we have the keys in our hands, will i share anything about it. you just get to follow our many road trips. this time we went to san francisco, on our way to LA.
as much as i love tradition & sticking to the things we're used to doing, i love equally (or more) finding new places to add to the list!
i found this awesome vintage shoe store on etsy, (james rowland shop) & have passed up several pairs of booties simply b/c i couldn't try them on.  since it's an actual shop, in berkley, we finally, got to visit it in person.
aside from buying my new favorite pair of booties, the guy who was working there (james rowland himself?idk..) happened to be vegatarian too & recommended a vegetarian japanese restaurant called cha-ya. & we loved it.
 then we walked to cafe gratitute & got a raw dessert. $9 for a slice of "cheese cake." i know that's nuts, b/c i can list off many things i could have bought instead of it. but ya know, sometimes you just  feel like a nut.

we spent all day in fresno today, with our neice & nephew. nate made cookies with them & then built obstacle courses with them, in the backyard.
we each bought a cactus today, tried a new restaurant, saw a blind dog (which i wanted to adopt) & saw a millipede for the first time.
tomorrow early early morning, we're heading to LA.
see you guys later.

Friday, February 10, 2012


how 'bout that game sunday, right?
just kidding. well, i did watch a tiny bit of it, actually.
we invited a few friends over, for brunch on sunday, and my friend texted me back & said her husband was secrectly hoping to watch the game too. so i said "nate, is there a game on this sunday?" and he said said "yeah, the super bowl"

so brunch plans quickly turned into an all day hang sesh. my sister & her kids came too, and my friends brought their kids. so cute to watch kids hanging out. so awkward at first!
we went on a walk to see the goats & noticed the tree rope across the street was still there with a pile of hay as a landing pad! i don't know if we were trespassing or what, but i do know how much fun everyone had. fearless, awesome little kids.

in other news
coop is still fat. & loves to purr in the sun. 

& in more other news. i'm going to try and post a recipe once a week. nothing will change here, i'll still post regular life photos, but i'll try & add some recipes.
i make food often, and sometimes the food turns out pretty spectacular [sometimes just pretty good, ha]
anyway. first up, to break the ice,  a little lunch i made myself the other day.

Mango Avocado Lettuce... tacos?

chopped up the following
1 mango
1/2 [or whole] avocado
an apple
3-5 dates
1-2 stems green onion
handful of favorite sprouts
mint & cilantro

1 meyer lemon

a pinch of sea salt 
a pinch of cayenne ;)

scoop some of the salad onto romaine lettuce leaves. & wa-la!

next time i'll probably add cucumber, and try a peach instead of mango...or both! who knows!! 
simple little lunch, so easy but feels and tastes special.

i get a lot of inspiration for recipes from this raw chef i watch on youtube. [check her out if you're interested in that Dara Dubinet]
sometimes i'm inspired by, simply, what's in the fridge. or something i see on the food network!

oh & btw, i didn't just eat those four little pieces of lettuce, i ate this entire plate of them :)

alright guys. as usual, i like to overwhelm you with one mega update, full of 10000 different things. oh well. c'est la vie.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


so, we're still floating in purgatory.  only a couple weeks more of going between our families' homes.
most of the time we're in sacramento. the weather has been so nice here & our families are really sweet too, so really it just feels like vacation...but it's gone a little longer than planned...& we're working while on vacation... so it's not like vacation at all.
yeah, you get it. ha  ha

well, first things first, here's a little sneak peak at our new place! if everything goes as planned, in just a couple short weeks, we'll be hauling our shite up those stairs (we're leaning towards paying someone to do it...)
did i mention there is an orange tree and tangerine tree and umm... one of those... how you say... avocado trees on the property! anyway, more on all of that later.

it's been really fun to visit our LA friends too. some of their families are growing ;)
our pal bobby, after playing tennis, with nate.
(see, people play tennis in january in LA)

we made dinner at our friend's house, & came up with a pretty fun idea, you should try sometime!
i made the dough, rolled it out, and everyone put the toppings they wanted on their part of the pizza. turned out really cool. (mmm... looks so good right now. thinking about dinner while doing this post)
 these were two pictures were taken in LA too. new socks, and  a pretty view. thank you.
maybe that's what everyone who's getting "fed up" with LA should do... move to bed stuy in brooklyn for a year,[during the worst winter in (what was it...) 100 years(?)] theeen come back to LA, see how you feel. not to dis brooklyn too much more, b/c we had a lot of fun there too, but i sorta feel now like that was a prison sentence in a way... ok maybe not that bad, but that's just me, right now. talk to me in a couple years, see what i'm saying then. lol. jk. lmao. brb. hi.

ok. and finally. my etsy shop has been updated with cute stuff, AND it's featuring some stuff for guys too. ( most of the stuff is unisex, b/c i wear nate's clothing...and he wears mine)

check it out! ok. bye![click on images to go to the item ;) ]