Thursday, July 19, 2012

hi thursday

rozzy happy to be back home. spending hours, balancing himself on the four inch windowsill.

visiting pals & family in sacramento.

iphone chronicles. 
(maybe more like iphone cat chronicles?)

Friday, July 13, 2012


you growing anything?
i'm going to attempt (to attempt) a fall garden. right now, i have a few scattered plants around our yard. but for fall, i want to really get some things growin'! i need all the tips i can get!
& inspirations!

we've been watering my sister's tomato garden while she's on vacation.
(& stealing her grapefruits! they're so sweet! & so many of them!)
i've also developed a lil mixymix drink with them. i'll share once i find the right glass.
(but if it takes too long to acquire, i'll just make it in a glass jar *laughing crying face*)

 have a fun hot weekend!  you know these guys will!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


we've been on a tacos kick. two days in a row. lets go for three!

sauteed pepper, nopales & onions.
beans & rice
& mango guacamole.

the first time i had nopales(or cactus), was at my friends jamie & moses' wedding this year.

in fresno, we kept seeing fresh nopales sold at the market, but never bought any. until a few days ago!
do i know anything preparing nopales? nope.
i decided to wing it, & prep it like i would peppers&onions.
i added sea salt, cumin, chilli & garlic. 

we also made guacamole. instead of tomatoes (nate's not a fan) we added red peppers & mango!
3 avocados to about 1/3 of a red pepper & 1/3 of a mango. (to taste, of course)

(plain basmati rice, added lime &cilantro to it at the end.)

canned pinto beans. sauteed onions, garlic & tomatoes w/ cumin, salt & chilli peppers. added beans towards the end & let them simmer until most of the liquid is gone)

success! nate is obsessed. can't wait to buy more this saturday.

that's all.
don't forget to try new things. you might be missing out on something... on something even better than nopales.

Friday, July 6, 2012

shows & markets

we'll be in LA this weekend, and selling at the Rose Bowl Flea Market!  come & say hi!

nate & i will also be playing an acoustic show together, as doom & gloom at LOT 1 Cafe.
i think the show starts at 9pm, but we play at 10:30. 
(lets just say i'm really into making flyers right now... haha)

we had a nice & explosive fourth of july! i don't know if fireworks are illegal where you are (& probably for a good reason!) but we're still lucky enough to be able to light those off on the 4th.
there was a little fireworks stand two blocks from our house, so we picked up some explosives.
we drank watermelon margaritas,  snacked on more watermelon, blueberries & grapes as i watched nate set off most of the fireworks.
nate also found this red hat for me, on the 3rd ;) perfect timing, if ya ask me.
(not that it matters, since i've been wearing it everyday since the 3rd anyway)

well that's all folks.
see ya this weekend?