Friday, February 11, 2011

 good morning
funny to think it 4am in LA right now....

it's friday, the best day of the week, i just love fridays, saturdays & sundays...mondays, not so much.
(lol, duh, anyone w/ a mon-fri job)

why am i updating my blog at 7am? i don't know.  i should be getting ready...

i was just thinking how quickly a week goes by. we had family visiting last weekend & i really can't believe it's already the next weekend. i didn't realize i had any pictures to share, so i was putting off updating.
it was a rainy weekend but we still went out & had a lot of fun. [fyi eight blocks in the rain can feel a lot longer.]

we were spoiled all weekend, treated to all kinds of special things. we went to see true grit, btw, i really liked it. i remember seeing the trailer for it & i remember thinking it looked too scary for me to watch, but it wasn't so....i liked it. maybe the ending was a little abrupt, but i liked it overall.
we laughed a lot & talked, it was really nice having familiar sweet people with us here... i can't believe we've been living here almost 6 months already.
i've been wearing my hair in a top bun pretty much everyday the last week. i saw my friend olga wearing her hair like that, and i realized i'd never made my bun like that before, so i tried it. & loved it. i know top buns are so last year, but i don't care.
someone at work kindly said i look like his old polish math teacher from grade school. i thanked him for the lovely words, & told him he sure knows how to give a girl a compliment.

ok, i really better go & get ready now. i'm finishing up my delish cup of strong black coffee [compliments of hunny combs, thx brah!]

here is rozzy sitting in a sun spot. love the pellegrino bottle on our coffee table, lolz, not.

have the best friday of your life!


  1. love your hair colour i have bleached hair i caqn never get it that white how do you do it ?

  2. the first picture is so cute!
    & i love alll of youroutfits! :)

  3. I like the pic of you and CC. Look at those SHINY floors! Yow!