Monday, June 20, 2011

summer lovin'

current obsessions [not new necessarily, but current]
-coconut water
-avocado brown rice sushi
-ice cold kombucha
-mass brothers chocolate

current aversions
-sprouted mung beans
-square photographs

so. i put a teeny tiny drop of pink hair dye into my conditioner, and ta-da... berry pink hair. oops...did i do that?
it's grown on me.
today, i pulled it back into a very professional bun for work, and a woman i work with couldn't help but look at it and finally said ' you do such ...interesting things with your hair' and i said 'thank you?'

we finally went to a restaurant called diner in brooklyn. it was so cute, looks like a little train trolley diner inside [why i didn't take any pictures inside? beats me]. the food was delicious. hardly any veg. options, but i got what i wanted and loved every bite.

been working on music.
bought some few bowls [finally]
want boots [still]
lovin' the heat.

ok. that's all for today.


  1. i like the pale pink. its cool without being crazy. :)

  2. phew. glad to hear that the pink was intentional not a salon screw up :)

    p.s. i think i stole your liking of mustard, i am all about it currently, and a couple of months ago NEVER ate it. sorry.

  3. loving the pink! with the aversions - i'm feeling dates will very soon be on that list for me. but in the meantime, i'll binge on them a bit more, bwahahahaha. and avocado's are still a fav too. just in case you were wondering.

  4. ... maybe next? ..

  5. hilarious. Of course you want the boots I'm longing for...and the pink is cute. How did I not notice? Did it fade out that quick?

  6. i like your pink hair!
    some of my current obsessions:
    -bran flakes with soy milk and blueberries
    -coconut ice cream

  7. thanks guys, i really loved/love the pink too

    -- and lol thanks olya for thinking it was a salon mess up, haha.

    leez, i was totally wondering what your faves are too.

    charis, hehe, i think i'll hold off on any more colors for now :)

    jamie, i had it pulled back in a bun, so my dark roots were distracting you from noticing!
    i've washed it a bunch, and it's still pink!

    dani -- your obsessions sound delicious! looove coconut ice cream

  8. Coconut water yum. Love the hair. Love your blog.
    Following. :)

    - V