Wednesday, December 21, 2011

i feel a different kind of happiness when i'm in california.
maybe the sun is different over here… maybe it's seeing family, or all the avocados, i don't know, but i like it.

we're still looking for a home in LA.  i'm actually really enjoying the process (even tho we've already struck out once, with the first place we wanted).
i'm excited about rediscovering LA. go away for a year & 1/2 & things change! (not *that* much, but still, it's different now.)
we are heading to LA, to look at a few places, just before xmas. we're thinking maybe less people will be looking, so maybe we have a better chance?
hope our theory pans out .

during our transition, you're going to be forced to look at pictures of everyday stuff.
today it's of my niece & nephew, my friend & her family, my kitty, my husband "my" office.

ps. just updated our etsy shop with some goodies. the plan is to have 100 things up all the time.

pps. i love this american life! every couple years i get re-obsessed with it. it's great for road trips, too! listen to interesting stories, and ira glass, & the time
just flies by.
ok. bye.


  1. I think I'll just link your blog over at my blog as an update :-) good luck in LA!! Hope you guys come back with good news, even though we don't mind you guys staying in sacramento for a few more months! <3

  2. Oh man, one year I listened to about 400 TAL episodes. Got kinda burned out on it for a while after that. But we still love it on road trips. You should also check out RadioLab. We're making the drive up to Sacramento on Wednesday night. I'm excited!

  3. PS - Love the meditation picture.

  4. yay for warm weather! freakonomics is good too!

  5. Happy new year, i wish you the best love this post!