Monday, February 27, 2012

road trips

that's coop up there, sipping his water from our fake glass. i guess cats don't like to drink water if you put it by their food. we discovered this with both of our cats, they would only drink water from our glass, the second we we're not watching our glass.
so now we have, what they think are, our glasses full of water all over the place, for them.

i spoke too soon before, when i posted a picture of our future house & bragged about all those fruit trees. now, i've learned my lesson. mums the word. we're not getting that house, & working on getting into a different one. only once we have the keys in our hands, will i share anything about it. you just get to follow our many road trips. this time we went to san francisco, on our way to LA.
as much as i love tradition & sticking to the things we're used to doing, i love equally (or more) finding new places to add to the list!
i found this awesome vintage shoe store on etsy, (james rowland shop) & have passed up several pairs of booties simply b/c i couldn't try them on.  since it's an actual shop, in berkley, we finally, got to visit it in person.
aside from buying my new favorite pair of booties, the guy who was working there (james rowland himself?idk..) happened to be vegatarian too & recommended a vegetarian japanese restaurant called cha-ya. & we loved it.
 then we walked to cafe gratitute & got a raw dessert. $9 for a slice of "cheese cake." i know that's nuts, b/c i can list off many things i could have bought instead of it. but ya know, sometimes you just  feel like a nut.

we spent all day in fresno today, with our neice & nephew. nate made cookies with them & then built obstacle courses with them, in the backyard.
we each bought a cactus today, tried a new restaurant, saw a blind dog (which i wanted to adopt) & saw a millipede for the first time.
tomorrow early early morning, we're heading to LA.
see you guys later.


  1. That chaya place looks insanely yummy ! Ive been looking for some good vegetarian restaurants too. Your hair looks so awesome like this btw !

  2. WE LOVE CHAYA! I love the lotus root. I love everything. SOOOOOO good. We used to go once a week. We should do an SF meet-up sometime and visit all our mutual favs. Roti...chaya...drooling.

  3. Liska, nauchi menya fotkat' tak klassno kak ti!
    Jealoussss! :)

    miss u

  4. What is your tattoo of??? It looks cool.

  5. That's so crazy -- I live in LA now, used to live in San Francisco, and am from Fresno originally. I felt like I was reading about my life -- ha!

  6. well hello.
    newbie here...
    well, to be fair, i'm actually an oldie (but a goodie!).
    the reason i'm confessing to be an "oldie" is because i've been peering into your life for quite a while now, and like most of us bashful little internet mice i haven't revealed myself.

    i've finally built up the courage to leave a comment just to say this: BLOG MORE!
    i may be a lowly commenter but i've become a true blog connoisseur, and to be frank, i know my shit.

    the key to a successful blog is to just stick with it.
    you've had your streaks of consistent blogging but then the next week you leave us wanting. what happens then? well, we get bored. we move on. there's lots to see out there and if you're not giving us what we want then someone else will. sorry, but that's the awful goddamn truth.

    so, not to be all "doom and gloom" about this, but you have so much potential. don't let it go to waste! you seem to have a pretty freaking awesome life. you're absolutely adorable. you're healthy and into cooking and traveling and cool clothes. your husband is...let's say, interesting? and your cats freak me the fuck out, but hey, they get people talking.

    my point is, if you just take a little bit of time each day (like the time we all usually take to watch funny videos) to say hello and let us know you're still there it will make a world of difference. before you know it you might be as popular as that one guy who takes random pics of people on the street, or maybe like that one blogger girl who exploits her little kids (hey, ya gatta do whatchya gatta do).

    ok, woops. guess i've let my tongue get away from me.

    love ya girly!