Monday, March 19, 2012

crazy for cacti (guest post by nate!)

over the years we've become obsessed with the desert.
trips to palm springs and joshua tree can change you forever.
i'm guilty of over thinking things (wait, should i delete that?) and going to the desert is like a mind cleanse.
after spending a year in the "concrete jungle" of new york i found myself craving open space.  i'll admit, on several occasions, i even took virtual trips on google maps to some of my favorite california spots.

well, we're back in california, albeit still in transition.
since your regular host has been occupied with work and house hunting (that girl is a real go-getter i tell ya) i've been looking for opportunities to contribute.  she encouraged me to shop for her etsy store, which we now call "our" etsy store.

i recently picked out some tissue for wrapping our orders.
so now, if you purchase something from us you get a little piece of california desert vibes....
reuse it too!

i'll leave you with a sweet cactus t-shirt i recently found on etsy from October18th.

"nobody likes a guest host" - ira glass


  1. God, I'm so right there with you. Every chance I get I end up road tripping through the deserts of the southwest. And besides my dog, my only babies are my cactus. Desert forever!

  2. Now i feel as though i must order something. just for that tissue paper.

  3. Nice tshirt. And tissue paper. And Ira Glass quote.

  4. hey girl, quickie q for you. what your email? i wanted to ask you about something, but not on here and couldn't find it in your profile.
    please and thanks:)

  5. I love the shirt on the bottom!


  6. ahhh i share the same love for cactus and the desert! I drove to Arizona for the first time bymyself from san diego and it made me appreciate living in california so much and all the great places i can go to on the weekends!

    I love that tissue paper also i t hink i may look up some unique ones on Etsy also! I just launched my shop this week!

    Awesome post!! <3