Tuesday, May 15, 2012

fresno, LA, fresno

it's getting hot in fresno.
but staying cool in LA.

i spent the weekend dog sitting, in LA, for a friend.
i went to the farmer's market, a few favorite stores, but didn't really see any friends. one night, i wanted to hang out, but didn't know who to call. so i just watched iron chef with the dog/friend.
i kinda liked being a loner. getting coffee by myself, eating at a table, by myself. shopping for jars... by myself.  [not in a sad way, but experiencing LA in a new way] i guess i'm just still working out some feelings. do i eventually want to live there? or am i content just being a visitor?

i'm happy to be back home, in fresno. (fresno. still feels so new to say!)
however, looking at these pictures makes me miss the pup.

most boxes are now unpacked (the ones that are not, are out of site)

while in LA, i saw some (very expensive...too expensive) beautiful furniture.

we need (/want):
a dining table, a sofa & a coffee table. (asap.)

can't wait to paint everything...

when i got home, nate made sangria, as a lil welcome home surprise.
it was pretty much delicious.
an exact recipe will be for another day.
(lol, nate mowing the lawn in the blurry background.)
kidos were helping me with a little giveaway photoshoot :) [jewelry giveaway #two this week!]

aside from the sangria, nate also unpacked & hung up all my clothing, in our closet.
i mean... come on!
ok. that's all folks! my little sister is graduating from 'le cordon blue' this thursday, & we are flying tomorrow to surprise her! hope she doesn't read this before we see her! (actually, i kinda hope she does read this!)

surprise inna! :) did you really think we would miss your graduation?



  1. Can't wait for the sangria recipe... it looks delicious.

  2. I agree with briannelee, can't wait for the recipe!
    And how sweet of Nate!

    1. :) the recipe is super easy, will get pics of us making a new batch.

  3. i love how spaced out your clothes are hanging. how i miss good ol' closet space.

  4. cant believe i missed this post in my google reader! just wandered over here (while at work, ha!) hope nate soaked the fruit in brandy, i overheard alex sharing our sangria recipe with him a while back :)

  5. p.s. i am always so curious as to how people chose to organize their closets. looking good!

    1. Nate went with all shirts together, dresses, pants etc. I'll let ya peak in there when u guys come & visit!