Friday, June 7, 2013

aglassjar vintage at tenoversix

pretty exciting for us, tenoversix (my favorite shop in LA) is now carrying some of our vintage denim! if you are in LA go check it out!
(if you live in LA in general and have never been in that store, ya gotta go!)

owners of the shop are are my good friends and just some of the best people.
here are a couple of our favorite pieces you can find there. 

their store definitely stands out on melrose, next to all those monotone gray "cool" stores.
so proud of them for being so original and doing everything so tastefully.


  1. gah their store looks SO cool! and congrats on getting sold their now- i LOVE the dip dyed denim jacket. very, very cool.

    xo Marlen
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  2. Gosh guys I'm elated!!! So cool so cool. Still havent been to the physical shop but huge fan/follower:-)

    Love the shot of ya'll in the deserty background. :-*