Tuesday, November 23, 2010

you're like, woahhh

that's right. that's naan. & i made it. & it's "hella" easy! & oh so good. heaven, right out of the oven.
i was inspired by my mom, who only likes naan, of all indian food... i guess one can't argue too much with that! i searched the interwebz for a naan recipe with the fewest ingredients & the most positive reviews. & found one! flour, baking powder, salt & yogurt. click here for more detes.
i've made naan twice now.
i also tried to copy bollywood's incredible cheese naan....& succeeded.

since i don't work around really cool/inspiring people/clothes/art... i'm starving for that.
i feel like i need a new wardrobe. (& i do!)
i need to take more photographs. i need a new camera.
i want to write a song...& track my own drums.
this list could go on a long time. so i'll stop.

i realize i have strange/unique taste.
i think olive is one of my favorite colors. yeah, ya know, that ugly green mixed with yellow.
my favorite clothing is usually shapeless.
so, i'll show you some of my favorite things out there. i've liked all of them for a while now. i should start acquiring some of these things, if i love them so much... right?
cardigan from o.c

Rowena Sartin Double Pocket Square Shirt & Abstract Expressionist leggings.
visit her store IKO IKO if you're ever in LA & follow her blog

i've been obsessed with these shoes since i saw sketches of them :/ tenoversix knows what they're doing.
& this necklace...remember i posted it a long time ago? anndra neen. i've actually run into the designers 2x since being here. (this picture is lifeless... i wouldn't even consider it, if i only saw this picture of it... eh, what are you gonna do about it)

obviously i have more things i like, but i just got sleepy. 

i made banana pancakes & jamie&moses came over. 
then we went & had sandwiches&beer together. 
& then, 
i realized how amazing prospect park was & how close it was to where we live! 

this was a bar in williamsburg with coworkers...err, friends...

this is cooper, watching the seasons change.
 ok this is all.
but could someone please tell me if this map camera is real?!


  1. thanks for posting that naan bread recipe!! looks so easy even i can do it - haha.

  2. i'm so impressed that you made naan! i've been really craving indian food for the past two weeks. maybe i should take this recipe & just make some of my own food. thankks!

  3. those shoes!!! LOVE them...and they look like the shoes the the program girls are wearing in the new TRON movie coming out! ;))