Friday, November 26, 2010

where do kittens hide in a snow storm?

thxgiving morning i tried to recreate the banana pancakes i made the other day.
i always burn my pancakes, but that's the way i like 'em. (& coincidentally can't make any other way)
eating them, drinking coffee & cuddling with our boys, was a nice way to spend the morning.
as a topping for our p'cakes, i combined almond butter & maple syrup by heating them together = yumz.
this year, nate & i spent the holiday on our own.
i think it's our first time. we walked around our neighborhood & then went to catch the tail end of the macy's parade. someone at work suggested we go to that & it hit me that we actually could.
we had fun, and for a second it started to snow, which falsely got my hopes up, b/c then it started raining.
i got this intensely cozy coat. i was looking for exactly that, a coat that will keep me warm, from head to toe. CHECK. next, some boots.
i finally wore my vintage lanvin dress! that's right, i found a vintage lanvin dress at a thrift store. sure the print is so bright, but it fit me perfectly. i topped it off with my favorite knit sweater from topshop--the sweater is so delicate and soft, i've already nicked it 10000x.

we walked the forty blocks to the middle
of the place we heard that everything would be
and there were barricades to keep us off the streets 
but the crowd kept pushing forward
'til they swallowed the police

(old soul song, one of my favorite bright eyes songs. i used to really love him,  but now i think he's lost his musical edge...whatever that means)
it was a lovely morning/afteroon.
but then followed by a sort of melancholy evening. i am catching a cold, so i was feeling tired, & took like 3 naps. made mashed potatoes & sides for dinner.  
then continued with my naps while nate worked on a special song...
which will be done, maybe tonight :) 

today i am feeling refreshed & very well rested! nate went off to work while i am off work today, therefore it's my turn to work on the special song.
but work isn't all that bad either. i enjoy my ride to work, the scenery is beautiful, and once it snows, i will probably cry on my way to work, lol... like b/c it's so beautiful?

ok.happy black friday (why is it called that?!) 
& i'm really surprised no one commented on my last post of that insane picture from mapquest/street view!  maybe it's too small, but if you click on it, it enlarges... maybe everyone was in awwe, like me.
or maybe no one cares. lolz


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  2. I think the picture is real, i'm convinced!
    "where do kittens hide in a snow storm"... I love the new song Liska. I just wish you guys were back in LA to sing it at Spaceland :)

  3. haha you do realize you kind of look like a Harry Potter character in your black outfit ( the park playground?) I mean that in the most sweet and endeering way. Also, I love that your husband blendzz in with the smurfs! haha I didnt even see him until the second time I read this post!

  4. dont know about the map thing, but I for sure will be trying that maple syrup and almond butter combo!

  5. what's this banana pancake recipe? ever since I first read this post I can't stop thinking of them! Sound amazing with the almond butter/maple mix.

    love your vintage dress, so fantastic.

  6. amazing photos!
    awesome blog! :)