Sunday, January 30, 2011

i've been reading the girl with the dragon tattoo.
yeah, it's good and all, i'll agree with the millions of people who have also read it, but no one told me it'd be so graphic & intense! i have about 1/3 of the book left, i may just finish it tonight.
i know there is a movie out (netflix instant watch!), in Swedish w/ subtitles, nate & i watched the trailer the other day, and i was freaked out!
nate always says i read the weirdest books. it's kind of true, b/c i don't like thrillers, or scary movies or sad movies... but the books i read sometimes are all of those things! strange. no explanation.

i want the kindle, btw.
but that doesn't mean i'm going to stop buying books. i want a library.
it'll just be a lot more convenient for me to carry around a thin notebook sized little kindle than a huge hardcover 500pager, everyday! i've been reading on average 1book a month. i want to read 2-3 books a mnth.

anyway. boring. who doesn't want the kindle.
(probably a lot of people, actually, b/c i wasn't even considering the kindle about a month ago)

we had another blizzard last week. walking to work felt a little apocalyptic, everyone in the streets walking, carrying stuff. idk. these pictures don't really capture what it really felt like walking down these streets. snow also muffles sound, if i'm faced forward and nate is walking right behind me, and i say something, he can't hear me.
this first one is out our window, the morning of.
the boys are suckers for hot clean laundry.

i have this new crochet poncho, that i've been wearing quite often. i bought it originally to post up on my etsy, but for now, i will wear it, until i get sick of it...then you'll see it up there. :)

we went out to williamsburg yesterday,  to boneshakers.
i asked nate to look up a sandwich place, so he found this place. aaaand it was vegetarian.
oh, and i ended up getting a salad. (it had everything in it)

 (funny thing is, i used like 10 pins for this simple top bun!)

we found a pretty awesome vintage shop on our way home from wburg. i dont know how nate has about 1000x more patience than me at vintage & thrift stores.
he also finds things more often than i do.
* forgot to add this picture nate took of me, after the thrift store. there was a little bar right next door, how convenient. anyway,  it's blurry, but i like it.

alright, i have a couple projects i need to get to tonight (a drawing, a chair cover & a book to read!) so i better get to it. thanks for reading and looking at my pictures.



  1. i always take FOREVER at thrift stores. the people i go with are always done before me, so i always feel bad or rushed at the very end. i must try to go faster : )

    the snow photos are amazing! it does look apocalyptic. crazy. but the trees! oh the trees are magnificent!

  2. oh my, that building in the fourth photo is beautiful. is it a church? that's a lot of snow, yikes! have you seen blue valentine yet? i just saw it last night. it's really REALLY good but emotional.. i can't stop thinking about it.

    i really like your hair up :)

  3. lina, sometimes i just stare at the trees, b/c i really have never seen anything like that before. in nyc, there is this area with a ton of trees, i have yet to take pictures of it, but it was snowing one night and looked soo beautiful, with snow on the branches.

    carnival by the sea , blue valentine is a movie i will probably never see, i saw the trailer-at first was excited, but then quickly realized it wasn't for me! the trailer made me sad, so i can only imagine what i'd feel like if i ever watched the movie... i'm such a wimp!

  4. i watched the girl with the dragon tattoo. i have not read the book. i watch a lot of "dark" movies, but that one really disgusted me for some reason...
    whatever thrift store you are in looks amazing! i like the pendleton blanket on your couch too! (assuming it's a pendleton) :)

  5. ah looks like you guys are surviving the ny winters. :)
    and your hair is getting so long!

    were coming out in the spring. hopefully we can hang out.

    Clouds and Candy

  6. the shampoo really works btw thanx for the tip