Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sometimes i get these aversions to different foods, (kind of like pregnant women do. except i'm not pregnant) 
for example. i used to love this hummus from trader joe's, then one day, for no reason at all,  i couldn't even think of it w/o feeling sick
recently, it's mustard and sriracha(<-- i know crazy!) just for some odd reason.
the feeling goes away sometimes.

having said that
i'm starting to feel an aversion to blogging :/ 
just the text part of it. so,  i thought i'd put that out there.. hope it goes away soon...

it's funny, how something you look forward to for a long time, passes so quickly!
we always talk about how the anticipation of something is half the fun, it really is, for me.

we got to go to california for a week.
spent time with family.
nate played golf with his dad.
i went to the spa with my mother in law.
i ate a huge bowl of berries & small side of granola w/ soy milk  for breakfast each morning.
held our new little niece ella.
nate chased judah our nephew around.
we ate at roti
we ate at asqew grill
we had good coffee & bad coffee)
nate bought a pair of shoes
nate returned a pair of shoes

when we arrived at nate's parent's house, they had framed pictures of their grand kids :)

you can view a few more pictures here 

peace out homies.


  1. i love the photos of the grandkids! so perfect.
    i sent you the camera last tuesday i believe. i hope it gets to you well!

  2. i always love your photos, i especially love the new banner photo. it's such a beautiful moment.

    stephanie claire

  3. oh gosh! nate's parents are too cute!

  4. I love coop and rozzie up there. at least they take you seriously! my mother teases me about my cat baby all the time.