Saturday, May 21, 2011


i took these with my hasselblad.
i'm happy with the quality of the images, but jeez, it gets expensive developing film.
three rolls of film (twelve images on each roll) cost $42 to develop/scan.
that's $1.28/picture.
& out of the 36 photos, i really love only 14 of them.
= not really worth it.

i'll still keep it & use it for special picture projects or fun occasions/trips.

still nothing will replace the thrill of picking up your film.
i actually try & not look at digital pictures until i get home & upload them to the computer.
nate & i argue about this often, haha, b/c he loves to look at the pictures asap.

here are a few of my favorites.


  1. how has no one commented on these amazing pics?!?!

    maybe everyone is afraid like i once was...

    you see, i've been visiting your blog for quite some time now but have never had the courage to put in my 2 cents.

    so here we go #1 i always thought your husband was kind of odd and unattractive until the second picture of this post 2) he'd look much cooler if he'd lose those stupid army clown boots. he could learn a thing or two from bobby d

  2. he was right. ^^ i was too afriad.

    My favorite picture is the fifth picture! Its so cute!

    and you're right, theres nothing like the pre excitment of picking up expensive film! :)

  3. i love this post, and i miss you guys..a lot.

  4. definitely brings back the nostalgia of developing film! but seriously it sucks that its costing an arm& a leg these days

  5. just came across this

    WTF? such good ones of you guys!!!

  6. nathan, quit baggin' on my boy!

    ol'ka, hehe funny you found those :) love those guys, really great photography!

  7. Kyle and I both dreamed about you guys last Thursday night. I think it was Thursday. Anyway. It was weird. I mean, Kyle dreams about Nate almost every night, but this was my first time. (Just kidding.) (I dream about Nate every night, too.) Hope you're doing well out there...

  8. lol em, guess you guys must have really been talking about us a lot the day before!

  9. I was gonna say no, we weren't talking about you, but that sounds rude. But it also sounds rude to say we were, ha. Maybe we heard one of your songs on the ol' iPod. Anyway. Yeah. Just thought I'd make sure you're both still alive. Which you are. Keep living!

  10. Picture #2 is so good.
    Also the one on the beach of the cameras towards you, really nice.