Sunday, July 17, 2011

my hassey

i wont stop talking about my old hasselblad,'s the best.

it's a poor man's canon 5d mark II
nate, at washington square.

it's sunday afternoon, and i'm hungry.
nate made some bbq tofu sandwiches for us the other day. best homemade sandwich i've ever had. since we're not in the mood to make any food for ourselves, we'll go out now.

sinister coop


  1. the b&w photo is great!
    and i like the drawing of your cat : )

  2. wow. that sandwich looks r e a l l y good. any special way he made it?? : )

  3. the pic of nate is amazing. great post.

  4. lina, we put a lil bbq sauce on the tofu before we fried it (in not too much oil) and then, my favorite non dairy cheese, called "daiya" cheese melted on top + avocado +onion + veganaise... mmmm.

    so good!

  5. Have I mentioned how much I love your blog>? you really should blog more. more more photos please! that camera is super sweet.