Tuesday, July 12, 2011

what's new?

it's been hot in nyc. but can't say i hate it!
we spent our weekend walking around, hunting down organic kale, coffee, ice cold coconut water, kombucha, summer clothes, playing music & had a brown rice burrito from chipotle!that's right, just when you think chipotle can't get any better, they start carrying brown rice.

i finally fixed my roots..... why was i letting them grow so long? idk.
i think i was going to try and do something like marykate ...or is this ashley?
enjoy your summer, bye guys.


  1. Ah, summer in New York. Love. And I'm gonna guess that's Ashley.

  2. lol! i just had some dark put in muh hair and the olsens are definitely (one of the many) motivating me to keep growing my bangs. I am getting antsy about it though and I dont know if i will last much longer!

    p.s. LOVE all the other photos! how did your acoustic gig go?