Saturday, November 5, 2011

november five

so far this lovely november day has consisted of walking to get a juice then deciding to go to the grocery store to get celery instead & make the juice ourselves.  when we walked in the juice place, in our 'hood, nate decided it wasn't good enough for me (it looked dirty, and didn't make me think of fresh juice), so he started heading for the door and said 'oh, you know? we should probably go get cash,"
i knew what he was trying to do, but i like to mess with him, so i said "huh? why? i gave you my wallet with cash in it" :)

we put celery, pineapple & a tangerine in our juice. i normally fill it up with more greens, but it's fun to have super yummy fruit juice too sometimes!

nate asked me if i liked half his hair pulled back like that, and i said yes, that's how the guys in game of thrones wear their hair,hubba hubba ;) [he looks all serious in that second like he's auditioning for G.O.T] (anyone else nerdy enough to read/watch that?)
well, we have lots of chores to do around the house today (ew), and both of us have been putting it all off until now (8pm!)
i'll leave ya with some neighborhood pics from halloween.


  1. i've been wanting to watch game of thrones! i saw a little of it & liked it, but haven't had time (or reliable internet) to actually sit down & watch an episode all the way through! soon though i hope : )
    love the jar glasses!

  2. Oh how fun. Halloween looks way more original in NY than here.

  3. Love all the garbage everywhere! What a beautiful city! ;p

  4. Wow halloween in NYC, must be pretty cool. I cannot imagine walking between huge buildings to get candy haha, and I love your sweater in that fourth photo!