Sunday, October 30, 2011

the leaves are still mostly green, but the snow still decided to show up early! i was in the shower when nate started freaking out saying the snowflakes were HUGE and i better hurry up b/c it's gonna stop. so i rushed out... took pictures, but the snow didn't stop....for hours.
our heater isn't gonig to start working until tomorrow, so we went out and bought a little space heater, b/c our little hairless cats do get cold!
as we walked thru the snow,  and slushy rain that was coming down, carrying the space heater and bags of groceries,  we remembered what it was we don't like about nyc.

it's interesting how our apt felt so foreign to us that first day we moved in, but now really feels like a cozy little home! you really can make anywhere you want, your home.

our pal brando and his band fidlar (noisy, and normally i wouldn't like, but it's really grown on me! i've been to couple shows, and i am loving carmalita & max can't surf).
you're probably like wooah, who's that homeless guy on the right? that would be the lead singer. he wasn't feeling so good by then, i think they had played 6 shows in 3 days for cmj.
cajla flew in for the weekend too!

today was a much nicer day, and we remember why it is we love nyc so much. it was 40 degrees outside, sunny, most of the snow had melted away, and we walked about 4 miles, to our friends house for vegan pancakes, then coffee,  then to goodwill (this time to find nate parts for his costume for halloween), grocery store, burritos... i wish tomorrow was sunday again.

& yep, i put that disgusting random thing on the side of the street on my head. b/c i' like that.
(probably not the smartest thing to do, since there is a bed bug epidemic here...)

ok. that's all i have for now. til next time! soon i hope!


  1. i LOVE that cat canvas bag! i want it. haha

  2. What a gorgeous cat! The first photo seeing the snow through the window is awesome!

  3. loving your hair! xx COME BACK ALREADY.

  4. lovely cliks...enjoyed your post..:)
    check out mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  5. I love your cat's sweater! And I really love snow, but I guess you must get tied of it after having it every single day! Your pictures are beautiful as always(:

  6. Your triangle necklace is fantastic and the sweater-cat walking around is beyond fantastic.