Sunday, December 18, 2011

hi guys
it's been so nice to have a change of pace, like this. we're currently spending most our time in sacramento, ca. we have family here, & also family three hours south of here, fresno, where we stop on our way to LA.
we found a really great place in LA, now we're just waiting to hear back... hope we get it!

i've been watching lots of hgtv, & really want to break down a wall sometime....sometime soon. (ps. hubba hubba property brothers)
spending time with family & seeing old friends has been awesome.  most of our siblings have kids now, so we've been loving being around the little guys :) & they're all so cute and sweet!

these are some of the most recent pictures, & i am going to sleep now and getting up in a few short hours!
can't believe xmas is next wknd!!

fave burritos in town! they have potatoes in them...mmm potatoes...



  1. sacramento! haha home here too : )
    is that burrito place in sac?

  2. yay we made it on your blog - just like you said!! we had quite the lovely time with you guys. olga and i will compile a list of things for you to put on your schedule that involves us for the remainder of your stay here, mk? (only partly kidding)

  3. lina, nah, the burrito place is in LA.

    ms. yelizabeta, i will be waiting for our itinerary. loved seeing you guys today! & can't wait for my hair appt! ;)

  4. Good luck on the new place. I'm crossing my fingers for you! We had to move twice in two months and it is just incredible how chaotic living out of boxes can be. Glad to have you back in CA.

  5. Well. I wish you were still here, but I can see you're back where you belong. LA looks exactly like you left it. Can't wait to see you back there.

    NY isn't the same without you. And, on a sheepish note. Text me on addy for magazines. Original still good or should I wait?

  6. that little girl has the cutest haircut in the world. cute kiddios.