Tuesday, December 6, 2011

that's it!

we no longer live in brooklyn.

 edamame 'cheesey' rice w/ sesame crusted tofu & salad

the longer i didn't update the more pictures i had piling up! a good photographer is one that can edit their work. it's so hard to do. [edit, as in cut down on the amount of pics]

we're now in california, looking for places to live, in LA. i feel like the hardest part is over (packing, getting rid of shistuff, cleaning & cleaning) now for the fun part!
we'll be in LA friday & saturday... any friends want to volunteer and let us crash at their place? lol. (but seirously)

k. bye guys.
 [picture by my mother in law, pretty groovy huh?]


  1. Ah, that is so crazy and so exciting for you guys!!
    I really like every single one of these pictures, you are a great editor :) haha.
    Let us know if you need a place to crash, we have a couch that opens up into a bed, its prettty comfy! And I know of an apartment complex that's pretty cheapish in silver lake that's renting. Good luck you guys!

  2. yay that's such amazing new. goodluck to you both I love LA so much fun!
    great pictures too.

    xoxo katlin

  3. lisa... what's in this "cheesy" rice please?

  4. Bittersweet.

    It's hard to choose the best pictures! It must be extra tough for you. I just pick the least blurry one, haha.

  5. Yaaaay! You guys, this is so cool! I love the photos you choose!

  6. What a fun new adventure- good luck with everything!

  7. I hope to hear new music, and actually get to hear it live.