Thursday, August 16, 2012

check one two

we played a small show in echo park.
we got to see some friends.
we ate our favorite food.
ghetto birds lit up the streets,  & i quickly remembered the old feelings i had,  when i'd see the helicopter lights in our backyard. it's funny to think back now, but it's never funny when it's happening!

i don't care,
i l o v e LA.
i wonder if we will move back someday.
for now, i'll enjoy our monthly visits. anyway, i think it's better to visit, you get to do your favorite things all within a couple of days.


  1. ghetto birds, haha. is LA as dangerous as it is portrayed in 'Drive'?

    1. i hadn't watched drive, but finally did last night.
      jeez, probably anywhere could be dangerous if you get involved with the bad guys.