Thursday, August 2, 2012


our pal greg, from nyc came to visit. well, i can't really say that anymore, b/c he's moving to london!
we made our famous nopales tacos w/ guacamole, and our special cocktails. 

we ate tacos, coop watched.

while i lived in nyc, i went to karaoke with greg & a few other friends,  for my first time... & we sang telephone, by lady gaga featuring beyonce,  together.... & then i continued to go every other month.
so, we took greg to karaoke night at a dive bar, here. he did a b-ea-utiful rendition of dolly parton's jolene. unfortunately, one big dolly fan did not like it.
she proceeded to harass him for a good ten minutes after that, hugging him, kissing him. oh fresno. sigh.

as one internet user put it, fresno is one big dive bar.

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