Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a horse & a show in fresno

hey guys,  how's it going?
it's going good, here in fresno. we're staying busy these days. werkin', playin' music, just hangin' out, ya know how that goes.
we met someone who plays a lap steel guitar, & played a show with him. we also had a bunch of old timers play as our backing band for a couple songs which was awesome! as much as i like our duo shows, i definitely miss the feeling of a full band.
our new fresno friend said i could have a horse, and keep it on their property! can you believe that? a real life horse, that would be mine. (i'm serious! so crazy.)
well, i had to pass on it, mainly b/c i don't know anything about horses, well & what would i do with the horse if we move from fresno??!

anyway. we had fun at the show, my niece & nephew came to see us play for the first time! after our set,  we all danced and danced for a long time.
we'll have to do it again soon.

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  1. i love that you guys played at the red caboose! that is right next to my family's house, so that little corner of the world is precious to me. :)