Monday, September 3, 2012

big sur camping (again!)

we went camping in big sur with a few friends. so lucky to live so close to something so extraordinary. really feels like the edge of the world. 

our friends have two kids who came camping too. the two girls are both hilarious, really smart & we loved hanging out with them. oh & with their parents too ;)

"i'm getting some great shots of you camping" - nate
 "lol, brb" -me

amazing veggie 'ritos made by my friend leeza  this is what camping is all about. going for walks, eating really great food & just hanging out with your pals.

why does all food taste so much better while camping?

one last one of the beach for you.  i kinda want this picture on my wall...
i call this one, "a poor man's massimo vitali"


  1. i havent been camping since i was 8- i really need to get it together and go. just the food alone would convince me. and how cute were all of you dressed during this trip? i love the picture with the polka dot shorts and the big hat. you guys are a pretty fab group, ey? :)

    1. i hadn't gone camping in over 10 years, until a couple months ago, a friend of mine convinced us to go. now we're hooked! we're going to try and go one more time, before it's freezing out there!

  2. I really like that massimo vitali! Do it!