Friday, October 5, 2012

denver colorado!

don't tell me there's a huge red rock behind me...

we went to denver, to shoot a family wedding. i was hesitant on being thee photographer at first, but so happy i did agree & now have lots of fun pictures to edit through this weekend.

as a bonus, nate & i got to dilly-dally all over denver.
i had no idea how awesome denver is! there are great restaurants & bars that serve inexpensive drinks & vegan food, great coffee shops, shopping, beautiful inspiring landscape....i got to feed chickens behind a (mostly)vegan restaurant.

we found lots of things while thrift shopping & had to keep refining our finds  b/c we were exceeding our luggage limits. (still got a bunch of good stuff tho!)

luckily, part of nate's family lives there, so we have reason to go back soon!

thanks for looking :)


  1. Colorado is nice. That couple is going to have great wedding photos.

  2. You are truly the most adorable creature. Loving your 'do lately !

  3. Great pictures. I've never been to Colorado but very much want to go now! I love the shot of you and the big red rock.

  4. dilly-dallying is the best. this looks like it was an awesome time, and i love your red jacket! xx

  5. Update more often, your blog is my favorite! :)