Wednesday, October 24, 2012


our friends came to visit us in fresno for the weekend! we have a spare room now-a-days, so i love when people come stay with us. they have privacy, we have privacy, it's nice. then in the morning we all have a damn fine cup of coffee together, maybe pancakes or breakfast potatoes too.  then mess around with our music instruments.

we did a lot of eating at our house, mostly because i think i can cook better meals than  most restaurants here (lol, kidding, kinda) i try & eat mostly vegan, so if i'm cooking, i know exactly what's in our food.
[however...we did get amazing burritos, after karaoke, & playing pool at our favorite dive bar.]
during the day, we went estate sale hoppin' ...that's what you do in fresno, ok? :)
cayla bought a purse  & nate bought a weed-wacker.

sometimes i wonder if there are any "cool" people in fresno... & also how to find these "cool" people. well,
guess what... we found thee coolest person in fresno.
& he sure loved getting his picture taken by a drive by car. mr. oiled up showboat! love it.
the end. see ya guys!


  1. have you tried charlotte's bakery? i know they are one of the more vegan friendly spots in fresno. probably the only place in fresno where you can get a yummy vegan cupcake.

  2. Hi Liska. As always, I love your photos. Your new friend looks like he knows how to party.


  3. Fresno looks like a kooky place!

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