Tuesday, December 4, 2012


well hi there guys! it's already december, which is just crazy-- it's been a whole year since we left NYC! really doesn't feel like it. where did the time go?!

a couple weeks ago, we went to hawaii! (jeez, i've been slacking here) we met up with my brother & his wife (& their son sammy!) for their wedding ceremony.  nate & i  snapped a few photos on the island, of course, & a few of the happy couple.

please note: i ain't no wedding photographer. lolz.

i LOVE tropical plants more than ever now.  have you ever seen a ginger plant? i'll be planting one in our backyard soon!

i had the best pineapple of my life there. i'm serious. (trying to see if i can put some on my wishlist, ha ha)

oh & we really want to get scooters now!

ok. bye guys. thanks for stopping by!


  1. Well, you could have fooled me with that last photo...it is STUNNING!

  2. gorgeous pictures! the wedding looks amazing and the bride is stunning!! i love hawaii! xo

  3. Very nice Liska. I love the wedding pictures you took, especially the one on the bridge. Must have been such a fun trip. I have never seen a ginger plant but am thinking that those are some, uprooted, along with the pineapples? I so love pineapple too and it is always my first choice whenever offered. Just made some delicious fried rice with fresh pineapple the other day.

  4. Beautiful!
    That was a fun trip, we need to plan a group vacation again . soon!
    Thank you for the Beautiful Pics. Id say you are better then a lot of Photographer pix i've seen! xoxo.

  5. wedding photographer or not, the pics are lovely. all of them. i would like to go to hawaii one of these days/years...

  6. Those are beautiful wedding photos!
    That would be so fun to ride a scooter around the island :D