Thursday, December 27, 2012


I feel that if I don't just post the photos I have been collecting, from the last few weeks, I will never update my blog! So here goes.
Our friends came to visit us in Fresno (some of them are coming for NYE too!)

We also ended up going on a last minute trip to Spokane, where I grew up, for the weekend to attend a funeral :/
Aside from being sad, I was thrilled to see family & some old friends.

I know we went for a funeral and all, but Spokane always makes me feel melancholy, even when I'm not there for a funeral. Beautiful, but very melancholy.

It snowed while we were there, as I hoped it would! 


  1. Bunny and bunny sweater?! Ca-ute!

  2. I was going to comment the same about the bunny sweater & bunny, but I see someone beat me to it ;) anyway that is too precious. & what a big bunny!

    1. :) it happened on accident. that was the sweater i grabbed last minute while packing. then, had it on when we went to see the bunnies.

  3. beautiful photos!

  4. Yes beautiful collection of sweet melancholic photos.