Thursday, January 3, 2013


i mean, i probably don't need to say it, but i will....time flies!

2012 totally flew by.
we keep confusing two years ago, with last year. i thought we spent last NYE at our apt in brooklyn, but that was, actually, two years ago.
anyway, i guess it's a good reminder & inspiration for this year... to just really go for it, and do the things you want & be your best & don't forget to be nice to everyone.

here are snippets of the last couple wks.

xmas pt I

xmas pt II

xmas aftermath

now is all quiet at our house.
rozzy likes to be in the warmth of the sun & keep an eye out for any naughty birds, while we listen to music & work.


  1. time does fly. especially with kids around. looks like you had great holidays. happy new year!

  2. I can't believe it's been two year already, it really does not seem like it's been that long!

    The pictures of the kids (and cats) are always so dang cute!!

  3. awe, the matching beanies. those are great!