Thursday, May 16, 2013

thursday playlist

hi. it's nate here...

we're still hooked on the new vampire weekend album.

another current favorite around our house is phosphorescent.
and sometimes the stars just aline or whatever cause i just discovered he made a willie nelson cover album , and it's really really good.  check it out here:  PHOSPHORESCENT - TO WILLIE.

here's a cool video for the first song on our mix...

and now for a batch of 8 random songs we like (the cover photo is a picture i took of a wall mural in denver, co last week):

1 comment:

  1. everytime you post your songs i remember the Hank Williams. i think he was one of the best country singer in north america. i don't know if i've posted this song already, but it's okay i post again hahah

    will always be a beautiful song!


    like any good musician, i believe you enjoy listen new, i takes this opportunity and show you a musician from my city (Natal - RN)

    i like so much! This is Arthur Ricardo.