Wednesday, November 10, 2010

cat person

i had someone at my new job say "you look like a cat person" after i told them i had two of them.

i've heard that before. & it's slightly offensive, no? why is it when i hear "cat lady" or even "cat person" i think of a crazy person.
anyway. i am a not a just a cat person, i am an animal person. i would have a dog in a heartbeat, if i could... & a bird & a hamster.
no fish though. you can't cuddle a fish.

we're getting used to living here in brooklyn. i didn't think it was possible to be w/o a car...well, here i am... no car, and loving it. 
the biggest downside to this, however,  is grocery shopping.
last night i went to trader joe's for the first time, and went ballistic.
big mistake. BIG MISTAKE.

i had to walk those groceries [4 bags + a full backpack] 4 blocks to the bus. then 1 1/2 blocks home.
i would take 10 steps & set everything down. take 12 step . set everything down. & so on.
 as i was crossing the street, a bus honked at me... the nerve.
i felt like a real new yorker right then, i looked right at her (& bus' headlights) and said "really??"

today was a super nice sunny but very chilly day.
these are two (2nd) cutest kitties ever.
a big grey one, and teensy tiny orange shy guy.
what will they do when it snows?
at least they will have a cat person coming by & visiting them a few times a week. maybe i'll steal a few treats from coop & rozzy for them...


  1. Oh, the dreaded "cat person" label. I hate that, too. (When did it get such a negative connotation?) My husband and I have two cats, as well, and people always try to put us in the cat person category and my response is always the same as yours: "No, I'm an ANIMAL person." I don't understand how anyone can be all for one type of animal and not another. I also don't understand why people hate on cats all the time. 'Tis a terrible trend.

  2. Well, shit. I just noticed my name has the word "cat" in it. Haha! But it's just a little quirky inside joke, I swear.

  3. i get that too! that's when i pull out my wallet size pics of my kitties. oh, wait...

  4. Good job for calling out that bus, haha.
    oh and I love that last picture, adorable!

  5. don't get hamsters. they're evil. they won'l let you cuddle them at all! trust, i just made that mistake about a month ago..
    i really love your banner. fits the new 'brooklyn' liska.

  6. There's nothing wrong with being a cat person. They're the BEEEST.

    And that picture of you and nate is BEAUTIFUL. Sometime you have to take some for me and Moses. I don't have many of us together cause I'm the only one who takes them. You're so very talented, Ms. Cole.

  7. the last photo is stunning.

    personally i kind of like the cat person title. i don't think crazy : )

    i live in a fairly large city without a car & take the bus or street train everywhere. & i definitely know what you mean about taking buses & grocery shopping! i always always have to take the little basket instead of a cart & try to fit everything in my tote bags. otherwise i would never make it home!

  8. Hahaha... My best friend in college and I moved to New York for the summer once. The first time we went grocery shopping, we bought a whole cart full of food without thinking about getting the food home. We walked the cart all the way back to the apartment, up the stairs, hauled all the food down the stairs, then brought the cart back to the store and walked back home.

    Only did that once.

  9. i keep wondering... who the heck takes the photo when you BOTH are in it? (im thinking camera timer+tripod/ or remote?) help!!??


  10. Lisa- All I have to say is:


    That's it. I don't have any cat stories to tell.

  11. you're right jamie, there's nothing wrong with being a cat person, but what bugs me, is the person who says it, says it in a slightly derogatory way. just kinda hurts my feelings, really!

    em- my muscles are so soar, it's now 2 days later. half way thru being rung up, i almost said, nevermind on all that other stuff. but then i saw my avocados were still in the cart... still, SO DUMB. i mean, i got 2 cartons of soy milk (!!!???) & like 6 bananas... idk...

    tiffany, lol, i sneak in self timers. anytime i see a suitable perch, i do a self timer. sometimes nate knows about it, sometimes he doesn't. mystery solved! :)

    annette, nate's allergic to cats too! that's why i had to go and get 2 freak hairless cats! :)

  12. New York looks lovely.. you two are so adventurous. :)