Sunday, November 7, 2010


nate comes and waits for me to get off work, then we walk together & find something to eat. i worked by the empire state building, & this is it, with fog all over it.

i no longer work there. i have a new job, which i like & it's in brooklyn. i'm loving brooklyn these days. it's been so cold the last week. nate bought me heattech leggings & tankies... do you know what heattech is? if you live in california, probably not. i now wear these thin but super warm leggings under all my clothes, and they work. i'm in the market for a toasty coat & some weather proof boots.
i did get an Acne coat, but it's more of a fall jacket vs. a winter coat. it looks fancy, and it probably meant to be worn with more dressed up outfits, but it ain't stopping me from wearing jeans with it.

The other night nate & i went to the MoMA Ps1 museum, for a book fair. it was really cool, i wanted to buy about 100 books, but left with 2 magazines (i plan to get subscriptions to!). One of these weekends we are going back there. I want to go there during the day.

It's been a busy last few weeks. Since I got a new job, I had a little overlap happen with the jobs, ended up working a few double shifters...powered through it, if you will. got a cold, powered through it some more, and now i'm golden. went out for coffee & a mixed berry muffin this morning.
and then the muffin fell. all on it's own....
"whadja do?"

the boys slept.
we worked on music.
and then the boys slept some more.
i've also acquired a new scent for my winter in new york. i've been obsessed with this scent for almost a year now. it's very expensive so i use it sparingly. Monocle no. 1 Hinoki w/ Comme des Garcons.
it smells like a forest in japan + blueberries & coffee? i don't know. it's just so good. i'm even keeping the box too.  & that's my favorite vase my friend gave me as a going away present.
the two top magazines are the two i got at the book fair, and the living etc. magazines are my most favorite home design inspiration magazine i just discovered!
i will have a wall of books like this in my house some day, w/ a ladder, of course.

alright! we're off to the UCB here. first time, hope we can get in!
& happy belated halloween!

my new boss says "ps" right before any punchline to any story & it's funny b/c he has a new yorker accent & i'll make a video one day here once i get his accent & mannerisms down...maybe.
anyway, so ps. we finished the song we worked on today & i love it.  check 'er out herez if ya want. song #5 make me an offer.



  1. Whatttt??? I ALMOST bought that same perfume online. But then i thought to myself: why buy a perfume online when you've never smelled it before??? even though the reviews were great... I chickened out in the end. I did steal some just the other day at a boutique and felt sad I did not buy it.

  2. love your new song! amazing harmonizing, and as we all know nate's voice is amazing. but it was so nice to hear more of yours too :)

  3. listening to it now a couple of times in a row and Alex is already singing along :) You guys sound so great!

    and, love those booties you're wearing, are those tenover6? darn you.

  4. Hey guys. Happened upon this article today and thought of you. Check out the photo :)

  5. hey emily! :) haven't seen you in...years!! hope you guys are doing good!
    and yeah, funny it says castledoor there, that was

    leeza & olya, thanks girls, you're too sweet:) and yes olya, they are tenoversix! my favorite!