Sunday, December 12, 2010

another sandwich?

what can i say? i'm a vegetarian that's obsessed with sandwiches.
even tho i miss my LA larchmont sandwiches -- i miss them as of yesterday, when cours mentioned
it's funny, how a sandwich can taste so different! when i say "i love sandwiches" & someone else says they love sandwiches, it could be for completely different reasons/flavors...*mind explodes*

new sandwich shop, nice & cheap 3.99 for a veg. (huge) sandwich :) now we're talkin'!
City Sub in Park Slope, i give it two very enthusiastic thumbs up!
nice soft bread & thinly shredded lettuce. mmmm.
since i find myself in ditmas park often, i have been frequenting the farm on adderly
if you find yourself in ditmas park...this really is one of the only nice places in that neck of the woods!
lentil & kale soup. double mmmmmmmmm

i did most of my xmas shopping this weekend.
almost done! since we're spending xmas in NY this year, i've been purchasing a lot of things online...
*deep thoughts about the olden days when there wasn't internet*

got my nails did.
tryin' to get into the the holiday spirit!

my boys.
finding the sunniest & warmest spots in our house.
they're just the sweetest little guys.
& yeah, not sure what's up with all the **

k. bye.
oh &
we were asked to start a purevolume page for doom&gloom & to do an xmas video to put up there... that's what we did today,
so here  it is.


  1. love your nails girl! and we have the same kind of christmas tree this year lol.

  2. mmmm I love sandwiches too! and I love "I won't be home for christmas"...I was looking for another song to add to my Christmas playlist and I've found one! and yes your nails are lovely ;)

  3. cute tree idea!! i love how you fixed some of nate's side after you did yours. so cute :-) go gloom!

  4. I'll send you a salami no salami in dry ice like the movie "fools rush in". BAM!