Monday, March 14, 2011

hi pals!

first off, a friend of mine, who runs a really cool blog[clouds&candy], featured me on her blog. so you can read it HERE

i'm making quinoa & bean burger patties right now. nate is going to be home in an hour, so the boys & i are chilling at home, makin' dinner. 
we ate at this raw restaurant this weekend, that was eh-- a 6.5 out of 10. i don't understand some of these restaurants out here, they're just so 'ok' and not extraordinary. i think if (& when ;) ) i open a restaurant, everything will be immaculate & the food will be delicious and i will have everything in stock. (they were out of every other thing i ordered).
but anyway, i was happy. (i know, a 6.5 doesn't sound that great, but i have a very harsh scale)
oh, but their dessert was a 10 out of 10! raw lucuma coconut chocolate cheese cake! (note: i like creamy coconut, but can't stand shredded coconut.) anyway. i will be trying to make a version of this 'cheese' cake for...probably the rest of my life..

i've also been trying to cut back on coffee lately... i guess it's that time again... every year, at some point i try an 'cut back' on coffee--
but it seems like every coffee cup i see is saying' come on leees!'

we went to see bright eyes the other night, at radio city music hall (one of the best sounding venues i've ever been to) . bright eyes is special to me, b/c nate and i listened to one of his older albums when we first met, so i will always have a soft spot for conor & his music.

my sister sent me this video of my cutie pie little nephew Anthony (formerly known as Antoshka) singing a song he wrote.
it's very emo.
the lyrics are something like this :
i saw you by the fountain
you are so beautiful 
that i wanna marry you 
i went back home
but you're just so beautiful.
then i went to the store
to buy some food
i went back home and then i saw a car
next to my backyard, 
i went back home and something else
she was there and she said surprise!

a few things i'm obsessed with recently
shopping on Amazon
coconut water (<-- amazing, refreshing & so good for ya! so far i like vita coco the best)
making raw vegan food
veronica mars
cats (lol, jk. i'm always obsessed w/ cats)
& the tenoversix/anndra neen wedge

alright i'm gonna wrap it up.
nate and finished a song, listen to it here (& download it for free!)


  1. the final photo is great!


  2. i liked reading your friendy's blog and her post on your take of 5 essentials - you've always been an inspiration style-wise. i remember ages ago in camp you wore your pants a couple of sizes bigger because you liked how they looked looser. i thought that was so revolutionary! but then again i had somewhat of an awkward sense of style so anything was revolutionary LOL.

    cool post!

  3. three thoughts.
    yes, you should open a restaurant!
    secondly, love that pic of you&nate. cute x10000
    lastly, YOUR HAIR IS GETTING SO LONG! looks good xx

  4. love the new song! listening to it on repeat at the moment :)

    oh my gosh! when did antoshka upgrade to anthony? that song is amazing, and his performance! a proud moment for you i am sure.

    loved your little feature at your friend's blog and everything about this post.

  5. your guys new song is seriously my favorite! its been on repeat since…the second i downloaded it!

    also, you are my fashion inspiration! i love how and everything about the way you dress. its cutee and not too girly.

  6. you have a VERY interesting blog, my lady!
    Really nice reading-material and lovely photos!
    Keep up the good work!

  7. aw your nephew is so cute:) and the last picture is amazing! I love the editing!

  8. thanks girls:) and leez, camp, lol, i have a couple old pics of you olya and me -- so cute. that's where we met!