Sunday, March 6, 2011


it was warm enough to wear my trench yesterday! this means, spring is around the corner.
we were just talking about which is better, a cool fall after a scorching summer or a warm spring after a freezing winter....
the latter, it was unanimous.
 i'm wearing my brand new most favorite jeans of my life! (not joking). high wasted levi's from UO. they're a the perfect shade & fit! $59. not bad for a pair that's your favorite of your life! :)
i was looking up a raw ice cream recipe on youtube (the best recipes are by Ani Phyo, i own two of her books, and all her recipes are very flavorful & delicious) & on the side panel i saw some guy that looked like he might be crazy vegan juice person, so i click on it.
we love this guy now! you gotta watch this video, he's just so crazy.
after laughing for a while, and watching 3 (or 10) of his videos,  we pulled out our juicer and made some veggie/fruit juice. haha.

funny, but he's not talking all crazy, definitely think some of the stuff he says is legit.

& then, nate saw this video on reddit & it's the same guy!

anyway. very strange, i know.

ok. so back to that nice day with my new jeans.
nate made me get this trench jacket from the gap! so cute! i've had it for over a month now, and this was the first day i was able to wear it, fun.
nate found something at this street sale thingy place... anything to make me laugh. then he karate chopped it off.

can you spot all three of them! cuties!they didn't eve bark at us.
just wagged their tails.
street style, bed stuy, NY  
i just found some pictures from last weekend, and there was a really sunny sunday! everyone was outside at the park, and instantaneously in a good mood.
self timer FAIL

it was so nice, I had an iced coffee to cool off.
kinda exaggerating, since it was still 45-50 degrees out.
hat hair

i've been obsessed with getting deals lately online, and have been spending a lot of time on slick deals . i mean, a $3.99 yr subscription to Rachelc Ray Magazine! yes please.
I do want this food processor, and i don't really know why i am holding off on buying this guy, since i've wanted this exact one for over a year, and haven't seen a better deal anywhere ever... $69!
 ...i mean, i would use it probably everyday.... \
i've also get coupon alrets for restaurants in NYC, they're kinda awesome deals. like you buy $50 for $25. it's a little embarrassing, so i go to the bathroom when nate presents the coupon to them. lol. mean, i know, but nate doesn't care so everybody wins. anyway, i'm saying all that just to say we've found another indian restaurant, with the best masala sauce ever. it's just a little pricey, if you ask me.

i also like the coupons, b/c it makes us go out and try different places, and also walk around in different parts of NY. so that night we came across a photography show, and there were pictures up by sandy kim, one of nate's favorite photographers. i like her too, some of her pictures are a little too raunchy for me, but hey it's art, man.

lets see what else.
oh yes, i sprouted some mung beans! so easy & delicious. [the sage has nothing to do with sprouting the mung beans, ha]
& theni made quinioa (keeeen-wa)in my rice maker, roasted some kale w/ balsamic vinegar & mixed it all together. topped it off with fresh baby greens, avacado, special sauce [veganaise&balsamaic&evoo&spicy/sweet mustard=mmmmm] & mung bean sprouts.  i know something is actually good (and not just to me) when nate gets seconds & thirds.

the boys are doing good still.
loving their views.
all three of them are still as weird as ever.

anyone see the strokes on saturday night live? any thoughts about them?


  1. i have a bit to say so i'm itemizing my comments (is that weird/overbearing/weird?)

    1. kitty in pic #1 looks EXACTLY like my noodle. in size and coat. nostalgic!

    2. wes is on slick deals like every day and i'm the same way when it comes to presenting our coupons LOL. we go out on dates to nice places, and then i feel that our waiters think we're lame when we bust out the coups. oh well! they'll get over it.

    3. love the booties in pic #s 7 and 8 :)

  2. as a first time commenter, i just felt the need to highlight how cool i think it is that you and your boyfriend (husbund?) go in to the "inner city" and look after random animals. the compassion you have for god's creatures is obvious in your photos and soooo inspiring. i mean, seriously, i think if jesus was here today he wouldn't waste his time with egypt or iraq, he'd simply be in the ghettos of america...just petting the ugliest (and cutest!) little kritters on the streets! so kudos to you guys. from one animal lover to another, MEOW MEOW RUFF RUFF!!

  3. ive been looking for a trench coat for ages ! this one is cute ganna look on, im loving the jeans me and my boyfriend r going jean shopping on weds bt i doubt i will find a good fit as jean shopping is so hard for me, i also realy want your white jumper its awesome !

    ps your cats r so odd bt so cute :)

  4. Nate's comments crack me up.
    Favorite jeans are rare + wonderful.
    Kyle was watching that guy dancing with his daughter the other day.
    I want to make your salad, but I'm pretty sure I'd mess it up.
    That's all :)

  5. those jeans are cute! i have been looking for a good high waisted pair for a while. what brand are they?

  6. AAAAAH! I'm trying this new Raw food diet thing. HOW DO YOU DO IT??? ITS SO HARD WHEN YOU LIVE A FAST PACED LIFE! I own a shop, and Im so busy running errands and such that I eat alot of apples, bananas, salads, but Ive cheated and eaten soy joy bars and what not. ANY ADVICE?

  7. thanks leez.

    emily, do you mean "nathan's comments" lol...alter ego i guess. he's so weird. & promise that salad is so easy -- maybe i'll post a step by step

    liz, they're levi's! (got em at urban outfitters)

    annette! i'm not all raw, or even vegan. i know it'd be too hard (right now) to do that for me. i DO eat a lot of raw/vegan food, and it is hard! b/c i work in an area where there is pretty much nothing i can eat within walking distance. so i make lunch everyday & bring nuts and crackers & fruit & coconut water (which i'm completely obsessed with!)
    also, check out different raw cook books, like that one by Ani Phyo & the rawvolution one. there are a ton out there.
    GOOD LUCK, i'll keep up on your blog!

  8. I love your trench coat!


  9. nate's comments confirm to me that he seriously is a mess LOL! cracks me UP!


  10. we've been obsessing over woody allen films lately and we recently watched 'annie hall' and 'manhattan' have you guys seem them? Daine Keaton's style in both films is remarkable, and reminded me of you.

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