Wednesday, May 4, 2011

got another song done the other day, have a listen if you'd like.

been so busy lately, this is my first chance to actually post that.
i planted some veggies and herbs, once they develop a bit more you'll get some visuals.
been walking around a ton, enjoying the beautiful weather. (while it lasted, rainy and 50degrees today)

we ate at quintessence in the  east village (where i want to live)the other day. YUM.
raw, vegan food, i kept saying it was the best food i've ever tasted.
i got the indian platter (surprise surprise) it was amazing, i really couldn't believe it was raw
and tasted like it wasn't. bought some raw chocolate from the next door store. ate it within 3 days... which is rare for me to eat candy like that...but i don't know if it's really candy....

  k. that's it for now. headed to see some stand up comedy in williamsburg(where i want to live).


  1. your "where i want to live" 's made me laugh.
    thats good to really like everywhere..
    that makes for a good city in my book.

    ps: your hair is so looong! :)

  2. love the red lips.
    love it.
    you both look like "the cure"

  3. cute candy packaging :)


  4. Hey, i found your blog on chictopia, im so glad i did love your tights, you have a new follower in me- i hope you will check out my blog too :)

    Natasha X